Monday, December 3

a beautiful and warm weekend

i'm having difficulty believing it's really december.
it's so warm.
i'm still wearing shorts.

even though i think it is completely wrong that it is 85* outside in december,
the warm weather does have a few benefits.

bub-hub and i spent saturday afternoon at the golf course.
beautiful day to spend in the sunshine!
raider spent his saturday afternoon on the patio.
from our patio, you can see the sidewalk, and raider loves to watch and talk to all the people that pass by. #creeperstatus
saturday night, 
raider helped us deck the halls.
what can i say,
the puppy has a gift for holiday decorations!
 our mini tree:
how was your weekend?
are you still wearing shorts in december?


  1. I am totally wearing shorts too! I mean, we're both in Texas so that probably makes perfect sense...but it's December, come on weather, get with it! I have so many scarfs I'd like to wear and it's just too warm. :) I love y'alls little tree!

  2. yep- still short weather here in BAMA! its crazy!

  3. wearing Shorts here in Guatemala. 78 all year round. ~Mrs S

  4. No shorts here. Winter coats, mitts & scarves...and snow...guess it's time for another round of "Canadian winter"!

  5. As much as I love warm weather, it's crazy to be decorating for Christmas in short sleeves with the AC on! Cute pic of Raider... he's just being your guard dog! haha

  6. We had to pack the shorts away awhile ago. :) But it is strangely warm out lately. Supposed to be around 60 the next two days. Too bad it's raining!

  7. Cute tree! We are pretty much still wearing shorts in SC. It was about 75 yesterday and the high for today is 75. I can't get over this warm weather, it makes it a little difficult to get into the holiday spirit!


  8. You are such a good wife...going golfing with your Mr! Sounds like a great weekend!!

  9. Wore shorts all weekend! Cute tree!

  10. It's so warm here (in NC) as well. I can't believe it. Last week I was in a coat and scarf and today I'm in short sleeves.

    The warm weather does have a lot of're right. Glad you had fun on the golf course. My dad and brother are amazing, not so much!

  11. I'm jealous of that 85 degree weather! Although, the weather was pretty nice in Memphis this weekend! Your pup looks precious. I'm a new follower (your 200th! Woohoo!) and looking forward to reading more!

  12. Your pup is so cute! I bet he was loving that weather too. People were on the golf courses here too, but it was only a dreary 50 degree day.

  13. It is so warm here too. I actually really like it haha

  14. I totally need a golf lesson.
    Love little Raider. He's adorable as are you! :)

  15. notttt quite wearing shorts up here in new york, but its still crazy warm for december!
    love that you got golf lessons! my boyfriend taught me over the summer (and lets be real, he'll still be teaching me years from now! who knew golf was such an art?!) we went golfing on black friday instead of shopping since it was so nice out :)

    xo michelle

  16. It's warm where I am in Philadelphia too! It was 68 today, which is so weird because it's usually snowing! I don't mind though! :)

  17. no on the shorts, but I have been wearing a few skirts. It's redic. lol. Adore this post, love. If you get a sec, I'd love to hear your thoughts on my latest. xo

  18. raider is just adorable!! love the stance he takes right at the doorway!! they just love to sit and people watch on our patios, don't they?!?!

  19. Ahh I feel like a blog comment doesn't do this justice, but, I just wanted to say hi. I was looking to see who else does a Thankful Thursday linkup and you do too! Ill have to add your button :) I'm glad I found your blog! I have a feeling we will have fun getting to know each other! As for winter here- it is COLD! We definitely had an Indian summer and I loved it but we are bundling up here in Washington state, although it's not as cold as other places (like, Alaska!) but definitely not flip flop weather! Wear some for me!!


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