Monday, December 10

trinkets and traditions reveal!

happy swap reveal day!
my swap partner was sarah (fabulous name right??) over at!
sarah is super cute and she loves the LORD, so make sure you head over to her little corner and meet her for yourself!

she sent be a beautiful christmas ornament and a lovely card full of recipes and christmas traditions!
is that not the cutest snowman you've ever seen?

i am officially the worst swap partner ever.
my package is lost somewhere in between texas and canada...
i even sent it early.
#postofficeproblems #borderpatrol
luckily, sarah is a sweet and understanding person.
but still,,,,i am crushed it didn't make it!

did you participate in the swap? be sure to link up below!
what was in your package?


  1. I kind-of thought he was a cutie pie :)

  2. I love the ornament! SO CUTE!
    The Post Office is fired....seriously they need to get it together!!

  3. LOVE that snowman!!! Super adorbs!

    Hope your package is found sooner than later :/

  4. I love it! Ornaments are my favorite!

  5. Love that ornament! Hope your package is delivered soon!!!

  6. super cute ornament!! i love what you got

  7. Aww I love this swap idea! I just found your blog through Kelly's Featured Thursday blogs and can't wait to follow.



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