Monday, December 31

our christmas vacation

bub-hub, raider and i had a splendid time on our christmas vacation adventure.
raider is king of the road.
 we were blessed to be able to spend time with both of our families over the break. 
nothing beats family time.
especially when family time involves watching movies and
eating yummy christmas goodies in your sweatpants.
we went on long walks, enjoyed yummy peppermint lattes from starbucks, and ate a few two many fajitas. can't beat it.
bub-hub and i feel so blessed.
nothing is more refreshing than being surrounded by loving friends and family, and after almost two weeks of goodness, our hearts are officially full.
now, time to gear back up for the real world and a brand new year.
how was your christmas break?

Tuesday, December 25

Monday, December 24

a candlelight tradition

for as long as i can remember,
my family has spent christmas eve attending a candlelight service.
different families take turns standing at the front of the church reading pieces of the christmas story and the musicians sing beautiful christmas songs.
at the end of the service,
everyone lights their candle while we all sing silent night.
it's so beautiful and so peaceful.
the perfect way to remember the true meaning of season.
do you have a chrismas eve tradition?

Thursday, December 20

thankful thursday

today, i am thankful for:
a sweet puppy who is finally feeling better,
for time off from work,
for fudge and christmas cookies,
for sparkly manicures,
for an encouraging and patient bub-hub,
for earl grey tea lattes from starbucks.
this is the last thankful thursday for 2012, so link up below!



Wednesday, December 19

just keep shopping....

i think i'm finally done with all of my christmas shopping.
then again,
i thought i was done yesterday,
until i remembered those last few things.
here are a few cute gifts i stumbled upon on pinterest this week
for the early morning newspaper reader:

for the DIYer:

for the kiddos, or the kiddos at heart:

for the foodie:
for the one who likes to be pampered:

and don't forget your puppy!

have you finished your christmas shopping yet?

Tuesday, December 18

charlie brown: a christmas tradition

maybe i never really grew up,
maybe i'll be a kid forever,
but i love the charlie brown christmas special.
each year, my family watches the charlie brown christmas special together.
my mom even gave me a little stuffed linus doll that tells the christmas story when you squeeze his hand. #linusspeaksthetruth
i love how honest and simple the story is.
i love that scripture is being read on tv.
i love that the truth is the same today as it was in 1965.
this year, i watched it with bub-hub and raider.

"that's what Christmas is all about Charlie Brown."
do you have any favorite christmas movies you watch every year?
do you still watch cartoons?

Monday, December 17

tis the season to be tacky

saturday, bub-hub and i hosted a house warming/tacky sweater christmas party.
my sweater starred a family of polar bears.
bub-hubs featured santa and a snowman.
raider, of course, rocked his red and green sweater with pride.
before the guests arrived,
we snuck in a family portrait.
here's a few photos of the snack spread,
because, let's be real,
a party isn't a party without snacks!
here is a recipe run down:
sweet tea (duh...).
sunday was a day of relaxing,
and raider took full advantage.
what a snoozer.
how was your weekend?

Friday, December 14


one: sweet raider and his sweater.
i know, he's the cutest.
two: my favorite christmas song from my favorite christmas cd. 
three: last weekend, my sweet mama helped me sew up our stockings! i'm obsessed with them, and i can't wait to see what santa leaves in them on christmas eve! :)
four: mmmmmm.....yummy yummy raisin bread. perfect breakfast treat.
five: i did it people. this morning,
i completed insanity!!!
my poor tennies are ready for a break.
i'm looking forward to a month of hot yoga and sitting.
and christmas cookies. and fudge.
how was your week?
have you finished your christmas shopping?

Thursday, December 13

thankful thursday

today, i am thankful:
for a puppy that doesn't hate me for putting him in a sweater,
for a sweet bub-hub that helps me hang shelves in the living room while the football game is on,
for a coat and cute scarves that kep me warm in the chilly weather,
that cuties are in season again,
for the post office, even if they run late sometimes.
what are you thankful for?
link up your thankful thursday post below!


Wednesday, December 12

crazy for cranberries

christmas=cranberry treat season.
maybe it's becuse they are red,
maybe becuase they are just yummy.
i don't care. i love them!
everything about this sounds fantastic:
brie, cranberry sauce, walnuts, crackers....sign me up!

or how about this teeny tiny appeteezer...too cute!

or what about this christmas tea?

copycat starbucks cranberry bliss bars, yes please!

just reading this recipe makes my mouth water,,,,

what are your favorite holiday treats?

Monday, December 10

trinkets and traditions reveal!

happy swap reveal day!
my swap partner was sarah (fabulous name right??) over at!
sarah is super cute and she loves the LORD, so make sure you head over to her little corner and meet her for yourself!

she sent be a beautiful christmas ornament and a lovely card full of recipes and christmas traditions!
is that not the cutest snowman you've ever seen?

i am officially the worst swap partner ever.
my package is lost somewhere in between texas and canada...
i even sent it early.
#postofficeproblems #borderpatrol
luckily, sarah is a sweet and understanding person.
but still,,,,i am crushed it didn't make it!

did you participate in the swap? be sure to link up below!
what was in your package?

Sunday, December 9

they call me four eyes

my name is sarah grace,
and i wear glasses.
#noshame #foureyesisthenewblack

and i love my new frames!
a few weeks ago, i ordered my first pair of glasses from has both prescription and non-prescription glasses, and even sunglasses. 
right now, when you purchase your first pair of glasses, you get your frames for free! you only pay for shipping. what a great way to shake up your look for the holidays! 

their website is super easy to use, and my frames came in less than a week. i'm loving them! i've already got my next pair picked out!

so, step 1: head to
step 2: try to narrow it down to your favorite frame for free!
step 3: order and enjoy!

do you wear glasses?
for fun or for necessity?

Friday, December 7

a blackberry jam kinda week

one. the grocery store was out of my favorite smuckers jelly, red plum, so i decided to try something new, and i'm glad i did!  blackberry jam and peanut butter are a fantastic sandwich combination!
two. the last few weeks, i've been trying to work out in the mornings before work...and it's been brutal.  they say it takes three weeks to form a habit...i'm not sure if it will ever get easier.
three. i've been bidding like crazy on tacky christmas sweaters...and keep getting out bid! but,,,,i finally won! a sweater for bub-hub and a sweater for raider,,,now, i'm the only one left...
four. nothing screams christmas cheer more than 80s christmas classics. love me some wham!
five. watching bub-hub and raider wrestle is probably the best part of my day. i don't think raider realizes how small he is...he pretty tough for a little guy!
how was your week?
what songs get you in the holiday mood?
what jelly or jam do you like on your PB&J?

Thursday, December 6

thankful thursday

today, i am thankful:
for a bed that is practically too comfy for its own good,
for a sweet puppy that loves to cuddle all the time,
for a bub-hub who helps clean up the kitchen and vaccuums the floors,
for hot chocolate and mini-marshmallows.
what are you thankful for?

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