Sunday, December 9

they call me four eyes

my name is sarah grace,
and i wear glasses.
#noshame #foureyesisthenewblack

and i love my new frames!
a few weeks ago, i ordered my first pair of glasses from has both prescription and non-prescription glasses, and even sunglasses. 
right now, when you purchase your first pair of glasses, you get your frames for free! you only pay for shipping. what a great way to shake up your look for the holidays! 

their website is super easy to use, and my frames came in less than a week. i'm loving them! i've already got my next pair picked out!

so, step 1: head to
step 2: try to narrow it down to your favorite frame for free!
step 3: order and enjoy!

do you wear glasses?
for fun or for necessity?


  1. You look SO cute, girl! I love your new frames! ;)

  2. Adorable. I just got some off of Firmoo, too!

  3. love these! i'm looking at a few things on there and on coastal! :)
    You're gorgeous as always.

  4. I love your new frames! I wish I looked that cute in glasses!

  5. Love Firmoo! I'm giving away 20 $20 giftcards to their website :) You should enter!

  6. Those photos are hilarious! Embrace the four eyes!! You rock the look.


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