Wednesday, August 28

big day for a little blog

today is a big day for this little blog of mine.
i'm excited to announce my very first website!
[mental snap shot for the baby book]


pinch me,,,,this can't be real!

please take a few minutes to check out the new and bookmark, star, or sticky my new blog address:

i'm so excited about this new adventure for Gracefully Made Designs
and i can't wait for you to come along with me! :) 

Tuesday, August 27

what i'm loving today

today, i'm loving a beautiful shop called sea and asters.
i discovered this lovely shop through a treasury listing one day last week and immediately fell smitten.
i just think these teeny tiny plant pods are adorable.
sea and asters via etsy
and polka dots. duh.
sea and asters via etsy
and this lovely little terranium is my favorite.
pretty sure my little office needs this asap.
sea and asters via etsy

what are you loving today?

a makeover story: k batty design and stationery

the last few weeks, i've been working with the talented ms. kerry batty on a little blog refresh!
kerry is a graphic designer up in new york, and has some of the cutest stuff up in here etsy shop!
i was so honored that she would reach out to me to help her with this project.
she has great taste and beautiful sense of style. working with her was a joy! 

visit kerry's blog and etsy shop. i promise you won't regret it!

Wednesday, August 21

what i'm loving today

my name is sarah grace, and i love etsy.
i love seeing the beautiful things that people create,
and i love adding them all to my wish list!

today, i'm loving these beautiful water color prints by caitlin mcclain, designer and owner of little low studios in austin texas. 

i can't get enough of her "man's best friend" illustration print. 
although personally, i think raider would be a perfect candidate for the letter "r"! :)
little low studios via etsy
little low studios via etsy
if you're an etsy addict like me, you should probably sign up for this super fun swap over on my friend amy's blog!  i can't wait to see who i'm paired with!
what are you loving today?

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