Friday, April 26

a week in review

last weekend, we had a bachelorette party my sweet sister-in-law! such a fantastic weekend with the girl. we laughed, we ate, we got dressed up and danced, and then we ate some more.
pretty fantastic way to spend a weekend if you ask me.
raider was a cute, but terrible road trip buddy.  he slept the entire way. in the back seat...
i guess now i know how bub-hub feels when he's driving and i'm snoozing. on the trip we took some photos in the blue bonnets #proudmama.
he also definitely needs a haircut.
he's got major bed head all the time. introducing alfalfa-pup.
also, heart breaking news...the friends reunion is not really happening. #bummersummer
have you guys heard of theSkimm? it's a daily summary of news and culturally relevant events that shows up in your inbox each morning.
it's a pretty great way to stay in touch with the world and it's kind of hilarious.  
how was your week?
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Thursday, April 25

life lately

lately, i've been:
watching a lot of masterpiece theater,
wanting to build a mini garden,
eating way to much of this yummy frozen yogurt,
lusting over these cute shorts,
and chuckling at these funny cartoons.
what have you been up to?

Friday, April 12

well hello there friday!

well hello there friday!
what took you so long?
i'm not entirely sure why, but this week was rough.
i'm exhausted.
as soon as i wake up in the morning,
i start thinking about when i'll be able to crawl back in bed.
i'm going to blame it on the dreary weather that's been hovering around all week.

one. it's been pretty dreary in houston this week. Thursday morning it finally rained and the sun finally made an appearance thursday afternoon. a great way to perk up the end of a work week!

two. sunday night i made my first loaf of banana bread and i've enjoyed eating every bit of it.

three. after 10 years of playing gin rummy with bub-hub, i finally won! i'm not really a competitive person, but that doesn't mean i don't like to win!

four. when in amarillo, a trip to taco villa is a must. and it's even better when it's with your cousin!

five. i'm trying to figure out the new mailbox app. i'm pretty excited about learning how to use it. any tips to share??

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Tuesday, April 9

welcome to our entryway

i finally decorated our apartment entry way.
4 months isn't too long to wait is it?
i found 4 matching frames at goodwill,
spray painted them with white, matte paint
and filled the frames with cute fabric!
easy as pie.
p.s. hobby lobby sells patterned burlap.
shut the front door.
pretty lifechanging find if i do say so myself.
do you have any fun and easy home projects to share?

Thursday, April 4

welcome to my tortillaria.

my name is sarah grace,
and i love mexican food.
especially homemade tortillas.
when i saw this super simple whole wheat tortilla recipe on one of my favorite blogs,
from the natos, and just had to try it.
i most likely won't be opening a tortillaria in the near future,
but not bad for a first timer.
they aren't exactly round,
but they tasted pretty yummy!
bub-hub didn't complain, but then again....he never does! :)
 have you ever made homemade tortillas?
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