Friday, December 7

a blackberry jam kinda week

one. the grocery store was out of my favorite smuckers jelly, red plum, so i decided to try something new, and i'm glad i did!  blackberry jam and peanut butter are a fantastic sandwich combination!
two. the last few weeks, i've been trying to work out in the mornings before work...and it's been brutal.  they say it takes three weeks to form a habit...i'm not sure if it will ever get easier.
three. i've been bidding like crazy on tacky christmas sweaters...and keep getting out bid! but,,,,i finally won! a sweater for bub-hub and a sweater for raider,,,now, i'm the only one left...
four. nothing screams christmas cheer more than 80s christmas classics. love me some wham!
five. watching bub-hub and raider wrestle is probably the best part of my day. i don't think raider realizes how small he is...he pretty tough for a little guy!
how was your week?
what songs get you in the holiday mood?
what jelly or jam do you like on your PB&J?


  1. Mmm blackberry jam sounds awesome! I'm starting a new linkup today called Fitness Friday, you should join up! It might just help give you some motivation for those morning workouts :)


  2. I like blackberry jam when I switch it up, I normally am a raspberry girl. I hope you get a sweater for you soon - they are the best! I just got one in the mail this week. I have a little collection going now! :) Happy Friday Friend!

  3. aww raider is so cute!!!
    I love all different kinds of jelly/jam on pb&js! SOOO delicious!

  4. I LOVE trying different jams!! Apple and strawberry are my faves though :) Once again, your Raider is wayyy too cute for his own good!

  5. YAYYY for early morning workouts!! It's been the best time for me for years... and yes... you will make it a habit and find there's no other time in the day you'll feel as motivated to sweat your life away!

    happy friday! xo, Bev

  6. Hi there!!! I'm Hanna and I found ya through the hippity hop! I am your newest follower and so glad. L*O*V*E your blog!!! Happy Holidays to you! You can find me at

    xoxoxo Hanna

  7. Working out in the morning will get easier, I promise! Don't you just hate how hard it is to form a good habit and how easy it is to break them? Your pup is adorable. I have a small dog too and he thinks he is so big :)

  8. I rotate between three jams: strawberry, raspberry, and grape.

    Glad you finally got your ugly sweater! :)


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