Thursday, December 13

thankful thursday

today, i am thankful:
for a puppy that doesn't hate me for putting him in a sweater,
for a sweet bub-hub that helps me hang shelves in the living room while the football game is on,
for a coat and cute scarves that kep me warm in the chilly weather,
that cuties are in season again,
for the post office, even if they run late sometimes.
what are you thankful for?
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  1. wait, cuties in season? as in hotties....they are always in season, or am i missing something? haha.

  2. I love that your pup lets you dress him in sweaters- SO STINKING CUTE!

  3. You're so lucky your dog lets you dress him! Ours just flips around and bites at it until she gets it off. And my cat would have absolutely nothing to do with that. I'm thankful it's finally feeling like December around here!

  4. CUTIES! We are obsessed in our house...if I would let her, my daughter would eat the entire box in a day. :)

  5. We are so obsessed with cuties right now!! My son keeps trying to eat five at a time!! Looooove them. So good!

  6. What a great hubby you have to help you while a game is on... must have been during commericals :)

  7. i'm thankful for cuties too!!!!! If I could, I'd probably only eat cuties for entire life.

  8. Seeing a dog in a sweater can make my whole day. I think it's one of the most adorable things every!


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