Tuesday, December 18

charlie brown: a christmas tradition

maybe i never really grew up,
maybe i'll be a kid forever,
but i love the charlie brown christmas special.
each year, my family watches the charlie brown christmas special together.
my mom even gave me a little stuffed linus doll that tells the christmas story when you squeeze his hand. #linusspeaksthetruth
i love how honest and simple the story is.
i love that scripture is being read on tv.
i love that the truth is the same today as it was in 1965.
this year, i watched it with bub-hub and raider.

"that's what Christmas is all about Charlie Brown."
do you have any favorite christmas movies you watch every year?
do you still watch cartoons?


  1. We just introduced our kids to Elf this week. :)

  2. I love Charlie Brown!
    I always watch It's A Wonderful Life during Christmas time! Hub's isn't really a fan so I just bought him Elf to mix it up.

  3. =) Love y'alls traditions. I've loved this movie too!


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