Friday, April 27

high five for friday: april 27, 2012

how is it already friday?
this week flew by.
the first thought i had in my head this morning was,
"how does morning keep coming so quickly??".
don't get me wrong, i love that today is friday because that means i don't have to work tomorrow, and i get to spend the weekend with sweet friends and family, and my super hott fiance! :)

did i mention that this week flew by?
because it did, at lightening speed.
here's a few super swell things that went down this week:

my sweet co-workers threw me a wedding lunch this week full of my favorite things: cakeballs and mexican food.  
it was fabulous, and i felt so blessed.
and so full.
i may or may not have crawled under my desk to take an afternoon nap.

chocolate, red velvet, and italian cream. mmmmm.
this verse has been my mantra.
i think the word fear can also be exchanged for the word overwhelmed,
at least thats what i keep praying.

last weekend was the best girls weekend in the history of weekends.
i truly do have the best friends in the world.
i have a bunch of stories and photos to share, but for now, i'll leave you with a few photos:

one of the fun things anna had for us at the hotel were these super cute cups that said,
"what happens at the bachelorette party, 
stays at the bachelorette party!"
we wrote our names on them, and i got to write bride on mine! :)
and now, each morning, i get to drink my herbalife shake in a super fun cup,
and remember what a fun time i had.

makes my breakfast shake a little more exciting.
: )

as i mentioned a few days back,
she was so sweet and included a few bags of mighty leaf tea,
and i love it!! :)
it's called rainforest mate and it's fabulous!
slightly caffeinated herbal tea is the perfect afternoon pick me up.

happy friday everyone! :)

be sure to visit lauren at
and share your high fives for this lovely friday! :)

Wednesday, April 25

a shrinking apartment

my apartment is getting smaller and smaller by the minute.
i'm loving all the sweet gifts we're getting from friends and family,
but i'm running out of room to store everything.
i've been scoping out some organization assistance via pinterest.
i'm starting to dream big folks,
and big dreams don't fit well in a tiny apartment.







any tiny apartment storage or organization tips?

pin away with us! :)

[via the vintage apple.]

Tuesday, April 24

wooohoo! mug swap! :)

i got a lovely surprise in the mail mug!! :)
happy it! :)
i love the swirls, such a fun touch!
i think it's so crazy that both of us swapped with yellow mugs,
it was meant to be fo sho!

oooo i love this super cute bright yellow mug!
it is definitely going to brighten up my desk!
Thank you Amy! :)

[check out the mug swap on suzel says]

Friday, April 20

high five for friday! :D

praise the Lord.
it is finally friday.

last night was my baby brother's senior night at church.

my baby brother is a senior.
i can't quite handle this.
woohoo! he's the best!

thursday was also the official 1 month mark.
in less than 1 month, i will be a wife. 

we had creative team building training this week at work.
let me tell you,
my team built a pretty mean obstacle course out of popsicle sticks and bouncy balls. 

have you heard of smash books? 
you should get one asap.
i'm obsessed.
i've been spending quite a bit of time in my wedding smash book,
and i'm not going to lie,
it's pretty fabulous. 

today is the day.
my friends are coming in,
and we are going to party it up.
let the most epic weekend that has ever existed in the history of time begin now.
yay!! :)

happy friday ya'll!! :)

Monday, April 16

dear monday

dear monday,
there are only 5 more of you before I become mrs. sarah grace chastain. whoa. i cannot even begin to process how excited and overwhelmed i am.  bryce is taking bets on when my next breakdown is going to occur...sweet huh? :)

dear stormy sky,
as the morning goes on, you get darker and darker. i can't handle it.  everything inside of me wants to climb under my desk with my blanket and go back to sleep.

dear USPS,
please don't reject my RSVPS....does one penny really make that much of a difference?? i'll leave a stack of lincolns for you in the mail box.

dear spicy guacamole from HEB,
thank you for being the most wonderful guac i've every consumed in my life. maybe i just have low standards, but goodness, this stuff was splendid, and i might have finished off the entire carton in 3 days...please don't judge.

dear fiance,
you are such a trooper. thanks for braving the houston galleria with me on saturday to help me find all of my shower/wedding event outfits. you are the best. :) yup, that's right, i found everything on my list, and i didn't impulse buy...not one thing! :) bryce is helping me improve my shopping and saving habits, and i think he may be making progress after all!

dear pancakes,
you are such a wonderful gift from above.  thank you for never letting me down, and for always tasting so wonderful, no matter what. pancakes are by far my favorite sunday morning breakfast.

believe it or not, these are hearts.
i worked very hard on them.
they are supposed to represent my love for bryce.
it's times like these that I am very grateful for the phrase
"it's the thought that counts" 

dear work week,
please go by quickly. i'm ready to party like it's 1999, and i'm ready to see my besties. i was talking bryce's ear off about it all weekend. i'm about to explode with excitement. plus, my outfit is super cute.
just get here already! :)

Saturday, April 14

this time next saturday...

this time next saturday,
i will be surrounded by my bestest friends,
eating lots of food,
getting all dressed up,
lookin so fly,
and having the time of my life,
at my bachelorette party!!!

did i mention i will be surrounded by my bestest friends?!
there will be a lot of laughter,
a lot of photos,
and a lot of fabulous memories made.

i miss having these girls around me all the time.
now that we are all grown up and spread out across the country, it makes me cherish every sweet and secial second i get to spend with them.
and did i mention they are thebomb(dot)com?!

now all i have to do is find the perfect thing to wear.

Friday, April 13

high five for friday!

it's friday.
i couldn't be more thrilled.
it's been a pretty ok week, but it's going to be a fabulous weekend.
the sky is blue, the air is warm, and i'm ready to be lazy!
i finally found a maxi skirt that I love! i'm so short. but i still love a beautiful maxi skirt. they are so forgiving, so stylin, and super comfy.
and the best part: $13.50 from forever21.

[via forever21]

i have plans to hit the mall this weekend.
i've got a list of super fabulous wedding events coming up,
and super fabulous events require super fabulous outfits right?
watch out nordstrom, here i come, please be kind.

i was able to do some major cleaning this week,
i have two bags of donations ready to go.
i have to [magically] create enough space in my closet for bryce before he moves in at the end of may [yayyyyyyy!!], and it's proving to be more difficult than i anticipated.

tomorrow, i'm attending my first baby shower.
i'm way pumped. i've already wrapped the gift and made the card.
it's going to be the
and i think i may wear my new maxi. :)

my goal for this weekend:
start taking more photos.
i realized that I have been slacking in the photo department.
my badddd.

happy friday ya'll!
i hope it is fabulous

Thursday, April 12

my new obsession: roasted broccoli

i'm fighting a major cold,
 so i've been drowning myself in vitamin c.
[nothing like overcompensating when you've alreaady lost right??]
i've consumed so many oranges over the past three days, my tummy is over it.
i remember someone telling me once that broccoli contains vitamin c, and according to, 1 cup of broccoli contains 135.2% of your required daily intake.
[who would have ever known?!]
so i thought i'd try switching things up.

last week, i saw a post that included a recipie for roasted broccoli and it has been a fabulous addition to my life.

i made it last weekend for my family's pulled pork sandwich dinner,
and i made it again last night,
and i'm going to be having it for lunch today.

i told you...i'm a little in love with this broccoli.
and it's super easy to make! her recipie is really easy to follow.

all you have to do is:
1. chop up a fresh head of broccoli (frozen may work, but i haven't tried it...),
2. drizzle with salt & pepper,
3. spread some garlic cloves throughout,
4. bake that sucker!
she says to cook for 20 minutes, but i was doing it from memory and ended up cooking mine for 45 minutes at 425 degrees. it still turned out great!
5. sprinkle with a bit (or a bunch...) of parmesean cheese
6. eat it all up.

[the recipie and photo are straight from happyday]
thank you for sharing your yummy recipie!
my immune system is forever in your debt.

Wednesday, April 11

polka dot palooza : so pinteresting

i cannot get enough polka dots.
everything about them makes my heart flutter a little faster.
they are just so cute! 
i dare you to look at a polka dotted creation and not be overwhelmed with its cuteness.
go ahead, try it.
: )






are those gloves not the most beautiful things you've ever seen? 
i'm officially on the hunt.

i want it all. 
don't you??
: )

what are you pinning this week??

Tuesday, April 10

the yellow mustache mug

a few weeks ago, i wrote about this coffee mug swap i was participating in through Suzel Says.
well, i have officially received word that my mug has made it to it's destination, so i can share the super cute mug with you! :)

i was partnered up with amy at taking steps home.
after looking at her blog, i fell in love with the bright yellow in her header, and the beautiful pattern in the background. i decided i wanted to get her a fun, yellow mug, and etsy came to my rescue! : )

[via thebeautifulhome shop on etsy]

eeeeek!! i wanted to buy one for myself! : )
[i hope she likes it!!]

you should sign up for the coffee mug swap,
i promise you won't be sorry!

Friday, April 6

high five for fridays!

this has definitely been a week.
i know it should have felt short considering it was a 4 day week,
but sometimes that just makes it longer, just like christmas eve. the longest night of the year.

[1] mad men.
my favorite show right now. i can't describe why, but i am just loving everything about 1964. 
i'm only up to season 4, but i'm catching up, and my dvr is ready and waiting with season 5. 

i have a love hate relationship with Betty...don't tell me what happens.

[2] shellac manicures are sent from heaven.
i had one done 2 1/2 weeks ago, and it's still on, and still fabulous.
(yup...i just pulled a miley cyrus...bling? what bling?!)

i'm so excited about this long weekend. bryce and i roadtripped it home for easter. we survivedi-45 and all the crazy drivers and 18-wheelers. we've got family to see and shopping to do! :)

i had an article featured on this week!
did i mention that i get tomorrow off??
[praise the wonderful Lord for that blessing!!!]
i've been looking forward to this for a long time, and it's finally here. relaxation (and wedding to-do list...) here we come! :)

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Thursday, April 5

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embrace the engagements! :)

our engagement photos are finally ready!
i had been waiting and waiting for the right time, and the right weather, and the right photographer.
everything finally came together, and it was perfect.

here's a little sneaky-sneak peek:

all of the photos were done by the lovely and supremely talented joy neville.

linking up with embrace the camera! :)

Wednesday, April 4

washi and me. besties for life.

my weekly pin-report is a lovely reflection of which wedding project i am working on or dreaming about at the moment. this week, my projects consist of my new best friend: washi tape.

i know i know...i'm light years behind the crafty-curvy.
i've never really appreciated it until now.
and now me and my washi tape are besties.
[washi tape a.k.a. beautiful, colorful, japanese masking tape]




and the mother of all inspiration:
(the smileyface cookies 2 frames down are my fav)


i even found washi for my closet:

ooo what a difference a lovely piece of colorful tape can make.

what are you pinning this week?

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