Tuesday, June 21

viva la mexico!

i love mexico.
the sand,
the sun,
the bright blue skies.
i LOVE it.

a few weeks ago, i, 
along with a group of 7 other fun-loving individuals, 
boarded the cruise ship in galveston and headed to mexico.
we spent the week dancing, laughing, eating, laying out, laughing, eating, sleeping in the sun, eating, and laughing.
we even managed to make a few trips down the waterslide.
[[which was wayyyyyyy awesome!!]]

and, can i just say,
i think the girls room deserves a prize for making it through a week with ONE outlet.
yes, that's right. one.
[uno if you're feeling festive.]
and despite that slight bump in the road,
we looked mighty fine the whole week.

{if i do say so myself...}

during our day in cozumel,
i experienced my first snorkeling adventure, 
and let's just say,
i LOVED it!!
the fish were soooo beautiful and i had a blast kicking around and swimming in the ocean.
i only had a few 
{oooooo no i'm going to drown and sink to the bottom of the ocean floor} 
panic moments, but bryce managed to take a few breaks in between laughing fits to give me some pointers,
 and i survived!

we were quite the fine lookin group.

pretty splendid way to spend a week if i do say so myself!

Monday, June 20

a month in review

since my last blog post i have:

taken a trip to mexico
{bryce might have had to drag me back on the boat....maybe.}

quit resigned from my first grown up job
created a giant stack of super cute cards
watched two seasons of "make it or break it" on abc family
moved back to coppell
booked a dj and a wedding reception venue
{my current getting pumped up song of the moment:}

interviewed [and keeping my fingers crossed!] for a few new jobs
started my search for a new car
gotten sucked in to the new season of the bachelorette
[[more details to come on all of the above]]

this time last year i was graduating from college, starting my first job, moving into my first apartment, and taking my first shot at being a big girl.  
it's crazy how much can change in a year.
when i think about how much God has provided for me over the past 12 months, 
i can't help but get excited to see what's gonna happen tomorrow.

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