Wednesday, December 19

just keep shopping....

i think i'm finally done with all of my christmas shopping.
then again,
i thought i was done yesterday,
until i remembered those last few things.
here are a few cute gifts i stumbled upon on pinterest this week
for the early morning newspaper reader:

for the DIYer:

for the kiddos, or the kiddos at heart:

for the foodie:
for the one who likes to be pampered:

and don't forget your puppy!

have you finished your christmas shopping yet?


  1. Love those gifts! I love putting "theme" gifts together!

  2. great ideas! I love "basket" much fun!

  3. Great pins and gift ideas! I thought I was done Christmas shopping as well but realized when I got home last night that I still have three people that I need to purchase gifts for! Have a lovely Wednesday :)

  4. This is such a great idea! I need to do more basket gifts in the future.

    Have a wonderful Wednesday!

  5. What cute ideas! I have my fingers crossed that my holiday shopping is done except for a few gifts that will just have to wait, haha!

  6. I wish I could say I was done shopping! I keep thinking oh almost finished then I think crap i forgot this and that. It will be nice to finally wrap things up!
    All the baskets are wonderful ideas! I wish I would of found these sooner!
    XO Brooke Come Stop By Sometime!

  7. we did a movie date night in a baset one year with popcorn, candy, a DVD, and some... but I am LOVIN the morning coffee in a basket!!! Super cute ideas!

  8. I love theme gifts, too cute! So glad I came across your blog. Looking forward to following along!

  9. Found your blog through the linkup. Cute pins!! I love the sewing kit in a jar! Hope you have a great day! :)

  10. I made some of those pin cushion jars earlier this year. Super easy, cute and everyone loves them!

  11. I just bought a similar pasta gift basket this past weekend! Such a great idea!

  12. I would luuuuurve that coffee and newspaper basket!

  13. I love doing basket type gifts! My favorites are the newspaper reader and the lego tray....Definitely keeping thise in mind for another time. :)

  14. Loving the Lego board, I wish I had someone to make that for!


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