Wednesday, December 5

a post about peppermint

 peppermint is a go-to holiday flavor.
just warms me up all over just thinking about it!
there are so many ways you can use peppermint around the holidays:

peppermint bark,

peppermint sugar scrub,

peppermint stir sticks for hot cocoa,

and my favorite...peppermint ice cream,

and don't forget yummy peppermint icing for cupcakes, or for your spoon...

what is your favorite holiday flavor?
do you love icing as much as i do?


  1. The peppermint frosting looks yummy, I may have to give that a shot! I am making peppermint coated chocolate truffles!

  2. Yumm!! I have some peppermint ideas floating around in my head, too!

  3. That peppermint bark looks so yummy! And I would have never thought about making peppermint icing, but that sounds delicious.

    Have a wonderful day!

  4. Peppermint ice cream is my favorite! I've already gone through one carton :)

  5. I love throwing a candy cane into my hot chocolate! Peppermint helps it feel like Christmas even though the weather says otherwise :)

  6. The peppermint bark looks AMAZING!!! I just recently bought a peppermint bark candle from Yankee Candle.

  7. I'm obsessed with all things peppermint. I think it's time to put away the pumpkin. Lol. Cute blog girly

    xo, Emily

  8. loving the peppermint theme today!! i made peppermint powder to make some of my own bark but i ended up with WAY too much and now i'm trying to find new stuff to do with it. oops!! :)
    xoxo, lauren

  9. I absolutely loveeee me some peppermint!!!!! it just tastes like Cmas time!!!

    That peppermint icing looks so edible on it's own!! great pins girlie!! missed ya!

  10. I recently had peppermint mocha and it was yummy! My favorite Christmas flavor has always been cinnamon. Cinnamon toast, latte, candles, candy etc. Everything cinnamon!
    It was nice learning more about peppermint!
    Have a great Wednesday!

  11. oh girl, peppermint is my absolute FAVORITE!


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