Tuesday, December 4

our advent calendar: a christmas tradition

every december that i can remember,
my brothers and i would take turns putting the felt ornament on our felt tree each day.
each year, we would rotate the order we went in so that we each got a chance to put the santa ornament on the tree on christmas eve.
i know there are a lot of different types of advent calendars out there,
but this is the one i grew up with,
and i couldn't imagine celebrating christmas without it.
for a hot second, i thought about making one myself,
until i had a meltdown in the felt aisle of hobby lobby.
too many details for a saturday morning.
luckily, i stumbled upon this one on etsy.
#meanttobe #christmasmiracle

now, bub-hub and i will get to start our own tradition of arguing over sharing who gets to put santa on the tree on christmas eve.

do you have an advent calendar?
what is your favorite christmas tradition?

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  1. Cute! My mom does an advent for me everyone, but its with little gifts each day!

  2. This is really cute! I've never seen one like this before, and I like it! We did advent calendars only when my mom wanted to get one for us, we didn't have a regular one we used each year.

  3. We just use one I found at Ikea of all places that has little chocolates in it! I think this might be a necessity for next year!

  4. We had one just like that! Now I'm going to need to be on the lookout for one to go in my future home with Walker! :)

  5. I never had one growing up, but I ran across a cute felt tree with special beads sewn on to hang the ornaments that were snug in their pockets at a yard sale when my son was small. He is 11 now and all three of my children love to put the ornaments on the tree. They take turns so that they all get to hang one. It's a great tradition and its the little things you will remember years from now.

  6. My parents have an advent calendar just like that! The best part is that when I moved to Georgia my mom mailed me one she found at a craft fair! It's an amazing tradition to have :)

  7. So cute and such a special tradition! I've never had an advent calendar but now I totally want one!

  8. We had a felt advent calendar as well!
    I love this one! :)
    {and i would have had a melt down too!}

  9. Oh my goodness me and my cousins did the same thing at my Grama's house! I've been telling my grama for years that that's the thing I want when it's all done being used.


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