Wednesday, August 28

big day for a little blog

today is a big day for this little blog of mine.
i'm excited to announce my very first website!
[mental snap shot for the baby book]


pinch me,,,,this can't be real!

please take a few minutes to check out the new and bookmark, star, or sticky my new blog address:

i'm so excited about this new adventure for Gracefully Made Designs
and i can't wait for you to come along with me! :) 

Tuesday, August 27

what i'm loving today

today, i'm loving a beautiful shop called sea and asters.
i discovered this lovely shop through a treasury listing one day last week and immediately fell smitten.
i just think these teeny tiny plant pods are adorable.
sea and asters via etsy
and polka dots. duh.
sea and asters via etsy
and this lovely little terranium is my favorite.
pretty sure my little office needs this asap.
sea and asters via etsy

what are you loving today?

a makeover story: k batty design and stationery

the last few weeks, i've been working with the talented ms. kerry batty on a little blog refresh!
kerry is a graphic designer up in new york, and has some of the cutest stuff up in here etsy shop!
i was so honored that she would reach out to me to help her with this project.
she has great taste and beautiful sense of style. working with her was a joy! 

visit kerry's blog and etsy shop. i promise you won't regret it!

Wednesday, August 21

what i'm loving today

my name is sarah grace, and i love etsy.
i love seeing the beautiful things that people create,
and i love adding them all to my wish list!

today, i'm loving these beautiful water color prints by caitlin mcclain, designer and owner of little low studios in austin texas. 

i can't get enough of her "man's best friend" illustration print. 
although personally, i think raider would be a perfect candidate for the letter "r"! :)
little low studios via etsy
little low studios via etsy
if you're an etsy addict like me, you should probably sign up for this super fun swap over on my friend amy's blog!  i can't wait to see who i'm paired with!
what are you loving today?

Monday, August 19

cheers to the birthday bub hub!

dear bub hub,
you are my super hero, my adventure partner and my best friend. 
you are a loyal friend, a great dad to raider and fantastic husband.
i'm so grateful for you and for the way you love and lead our family. 
here's to one more year of adventure and laughter!

Tuesday, August 13

an itty bitty baby announcement

cute baby alert

a few weeks again, my sweet friends mandy and travis welcomed their baby girl, amelia belle, into their family. when mandy first posted the newborn photos, i couldn't stop scrolling through them.

putting together this baby announcement for them was a breeze! 
seriously though.  could that baby girl be any cuter?
my iphone photos don't do her justice!

this might just be my new favorite project.

Monday, August 5

a houston family photo

saturday night, we had one last get together before we started packing.
the last few years have brought us such sweet friends and fun memories,
and we wanted to have everyone over one last time.
of course we had to take a family photo.

when i first came to houston, i remember wondering how i would ever have the type friendships i had in college.  the Lord provided friends so much sweeter than i could have ever imagined.
i'm so blessed to call these people forever friends.
and i can't wait to see what the Lord has in store for us in our new city. 

Friday, August 2

see ya later houston!

if you've followed this blog for any amount of time, you should know by now there is never a dull moment in the chastain household.  bub-hub, raider and i are leaving the beautiful city of Houston and making our new home in Grapevine. 

we are excited to be close to our family and sweet friends,
but we are sad to say "see ya later" to the fantastic life and memories we've made here.

here's to new adventures! 

Saturday, July 27

training update: weeks 5 and 6

i finally feel like i'm reaching the point of "not dying" at the end of my runs.  looking  back, it's crazy to think that my regular daily runs are longer than my first week's long run! progress is definitely a fun achievement!

during one of my runs last week, i got caught in the middle of a mini-rainstorm.
at first, i felt a little bummed, and a lot stressed that my iphone was going to be ruined,
but then i realized that there was nothing i could do about it, except enjoy the refreshing surprise!
so i just kept running till reached my goal and made it home.
what a blessing from the Lord. it was just the cool down i needed.

slowly but surely we are getting there!
i'm a bit nervous about next week's 5 miler, but fingers crossed! :)

Thursday, July 25

a glamorous opportunity

a few weeks ago,  a sweet friend asked me to participate in a styled shoot.
remember sarah carpenter
the lady behind our adorable one year anniversary photos?
she partnered up with emily at petals couture and put together the most glamorous layout.

i designed the invitation and the macaroon box tags,
and they coordinated the rest of the beautiful tablescape.

all photos were taken by sarah carpenter of sarah carpenter photography and design.
didn't they do a fantastic job?
i feel a little more fancy just looking at the photos!
i feel so blessed to be a part of such a fantastic project.

Thursday, July 18

pretty in purple

of all the projects i am blessed to be a part of, i think bachelorette parties are the most fun.
i love seeing how excited the bridemaids are to shower their sweet friend with love and attention.

this bride's favorite color was purple, so we updated the invite to match accordingly!
we also included a lingerie shower card and a weekend schedule. 
the schedule piece is definitely my favorite part.
every girl loves to be prepared when they go off for a weekend with the girls, so we paired the set with a weekend schedule card! this piece is completely customizable, whether you're hanging by the pool, having a spa day, or taking on the town, the schedule pieces can be updated to match the occasion.
need a custom invitation?
check out my etsy shop!

Tuesday, July 16

puppy party in the pool

ever since raider joined our family, i've wondered if he could swim.
i grew up with a yellow lab that loved the water more than land and couldn't walk past a puddle without jumping in it.
raider could not be more opposite.

last weekend when we were visiting our family back home,
we threw raider in the pool to see how he would react.
pretty sure we scarred him for life.
after a bit of doggy paddling, raider swam back to us on the side of the pool and bub-hub put him on the floatie for safety.
raider loves to soak in the sunshine!
lesson learned from our weekend of fun:
all puppies can swim,
but that doesn't mean they enjoy it.

Saturday, July 13

training update: week 4

one more week of training in the books!
even though the miles are not exactly a breeze, i can feel myself getting stronger. 
here is what this week looked like:
the training schedule calls for strength training on Sunday, Monday and Wednesday. since i'm not exactly good at self-motivation, i've loved attending classes, especially body pump.

body pump is a fantastic strength training class that is offered at my local YMCA. i really love this class because i'm able to get my strength training in without the boredom of circuit training on machines.
also, being surrounded by people who are working hard definitely serves as a great motivator. it's harder to work away when you have a room full of hardworking people holding you accountable.
i would definitely recommend checking out a body pump class. 

how do you stay motivated during a work out?
are you a self-motivator or do you prefer group classes?

Saturday, July 6

training update: week 3!

this week, our training schedule was pretty similar to last week,
we just moved a few things around for the holiday.
the miles are getting easier!
i just can't wait for this heat and humidity to settle down so we can do more of our runs outside.
last weekend, bub-hub and i took a trip to luke's locker and invested in some new gear!
i ended up with a pair of ghosts by brooks.
so comfy.
i can definitely feel the difference already. 

one week closer! but we still have a long way to go.

Thursday, July 4

fruit pizza for the fourth of july!

happy fourth of july everyone!
i hope you have plenty of sunshine and relaxation on your schedule!

recently, i've been loving fruit pizza! 
just in case you're looking for a last minute sweet treat, 
i highly recommend this yummy one!

deep dish fruit pizza
[adapted from the pioneer woman]

what you need:
one roll of pre-made sugar cookie dough
handfull of strawberries
handfull of blueberries
half a nectarine
8 oz of cream cheese
1 jar of marshmallow cream

what to do:
place the sugar cookie dough into the base of your pan. you can use a pie pan like i did, 
or you can roll it out flat, or just make cookies like normal!
bake the dough according to the package directions, or, until it's golden brown. 
set aside and let it cool down completely.

while the cookie is cooling, cut up your fruit!

in a mixing bowl, mix the cream cheese and marshmallow cream.
be careful not to overmix!

spread the cream cheese mixture over the cookie, and then top with the fruit!

see? easy!

what are you making this fourth of july?

Wednesday, July 3

gracefully made re-designed

i'm so excited to to introduce my new logo and blog design!
i've been wanting to make a change for a while, but couldn't quite figure out what i wanted.
change is hard sometimes, but in the end, it feels so good! 

i've also added a gracefully made designs facebook page!
i'd love it if you like me! :)
 photo dotssidebar_zpsb4670dc5.png
 photo dotssidebar_zpsb4670dc5.png
are you afraid of change?
what have you updated in your life recently?

Tuesday, July 2

beep beep!

i am excited to introduce my new toy!
last weekend, bub-hub and i traded in my SUV for a fiat! :)
it's tiny and cute and it makes me feel like i'm racing around in mario kart.
i absolutely loved my suv, but this car was just too fun to pass up.
new cars are so fun. i am one lucky girl!

and in case anyone was worried, raider loves his new ride. :)

am i the only one who picks out cars based solely on their appearance?

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