Friday, August 31

finally,,,,,it's friday.

this week has been a busy one full of fun and exciting things.
bachelorette party weekend has finally arrived! woooohoo!
needless to say,
preparations have kinda taken over my life, and our apartment...oops.
but i did manage to squeeze in a few photos :)

one: fruit punch spark + smart water = a winning combination.
i know smart water isn't really any more special than any other kind of bottled water,
but i like to pretend it makes me super woman.
i have a feeling i'll be chugging a few sparks to get me through this fabulous and full weekend of fun! :)
 two: since i failed to make it to the grocery store this week,
thursday night became dominos pizza night. 
which is now my favorite night because when it comes to pizza, pete the pizzamaker is probably the coolest thing i've ever experienced. 
what can i say, i'm easily amused.
three: wife-lesson of the week: always have cookie dough on hand.
you never know when your bub-hub might get a hankerin! :)

dear bub-hub,
thank you for your extreme patience and understanding this week.  i know i've been a little whiney and high strung, and a bit more needy than any normal husband should ever have to tolerate. you're the best, and i love you more than you know, andddddd you're a stud. 

dear real world job,
i know my attitude about you is terrible,
but frankly, 
it's hard for me to find joy in anything about you. i need a serious attitude adjustment. i'm very grateful for your bi-monthly paycheck, and for the life lessons you're providing (whether intended or not...). 

Thursday, August 30

mr. and mrs. chastain: part 7

after our outdoor reception, we had a second dinner & dancing reception at cowboy's golf club in grapevine. it was the perfect place to hold a celebration on our wedding day.  their main dining room is so beautiful, with austin stone and dark wood accents, it was a perfect backdrop to create our vision.
when erin, the site coordinator, first took us into the reception hall, i started tearing up.  almost one year of planning and worrying and creating, and it turned out more beautifully than i ever imagined. she and her fabulous team nailed it.
we used red table cloths on all the tables, and my mama and mother-in-law made beautiful burlap runners with fabric and lace details.
my mom also made the mr. and mrs. signs for our chairs. such a cute surprise!
we had 5 branch arrangements spread throughout the room, and it was a great way to create height and variety.
the rest of the tables were filled with a random collection of 7-9 jars and vases full of sunflowers, white stock, ranunculus, peonies, and a few other stem flowers. we also had woodcuts of various thicknesses that were stacked with jars, and red candles.
i had to fight for those tree-branch centerpieces, and i am so glad everyone came around and gave in.
i really loved the look of manzanita branch centerpieces, but did not want to spend that much money.
so we collected branches from the side of the road and from neighbors, filled buckets with concrete and created our own.  we dangled votives from the branches for an extra touch of fun.
my mom came up with the idea to place peonies and hydrangeas in the top of the bucket, and i think it was the perfect finishing touch.
thank goodness for summer storms and a dad with a chain saw!
we used smaller branches to create place card holders. my dad and brothers sliced the branches into 3-4 inch sections, and then added a slice across the top to place the cards. each table was named after a school monument or icon.  half of the tables were named for Texas A&M and the other half were named for Texas Tech.
i was in love with the design of my wedding cake. knew i wanted something simple, but rustic and fresh, and i was so happy with how it turned out. because the design of the cake was so simple, the flowers were able to steal the show! and if you look closely, you can see the woodcut cake stand my dad made!
bub-hub loves chocolate covered strawberries, so we made sure to load them up! we even had a bride and groom set of strawberries. how cute is that?
and no reception is complete without a little cake in the face.
for the record,
bub-hub started it, and i was forced to retaliate.
i was 100% blown away with the way the dinner reception turned out.
for almost a year, my mom and i planned and talked and planned, but the hardest part about being a planning bride is having no control over the day of set up, which is why i am 100% a fan of having a planner and being picky with your vendors.
all photos were taken by Jana at bella bee photography.
the wedding was coordinated by Rhonda at precisely as planned.
the reception was coordinated by Erin at cowboys golf club.

Wednesday, August 29

pinning in pink

you know you're a pin-aholic when...
your home visiting your mama, and you hear her say,
"oooooo sarah grace, you have to see this pin....o pinned it!"
my bad
that might have happened a hand full of times on my trip home last weekend. 
what can i say, i take after my mama. :)

one thing i've learned about myself is i that i hate passing up an idea, especially when it's cute. this is probably the reason i have a couple dozen too many ideas for an upcoming bachelorette bash (steph close your eyes!).

these fabulous finds didn't make the cut, so i can share them without ruining all the surprises. 

pink is mandatory at every bachelorette party, so i've been on the hunt for anything and everything hot pink and sugary and sparkley.
how cute & perfect are these?!

i also really want to try this sangria.
i love sweet tea and i love sangria so i really don't see how a combo of the two could go wrong.

if you have ever met me or talked to me, even just once, chances are beyond high that i was wearing polka dots, or sporting a polka dot accessory. i love me some dots.  how cute would this tablescape be with black, white, and hot pink accents?

grown up popsicles?
yes please!
strawberry peach vodka frozen cocktail.

"the morning after" gift basket.
how funny is that??
target and michaels have bright pink buckets on sale right now.

i think this should be the motto for any and every party or night on the town. nothing better than letting it loose on the dance floor with a group of girl friends.

a party isn't a party without a glitter.

and of course, you need a fabulous pair of shoes with a tiny touch of sparkle.
it's not a purchase, it's an investment. :)

i wish i could plan 5 parties so i could use all of my pinterest ideas.
maybe i'll just plan a party with 5 times the fun!

what party pins to you love??


Covered in Grace

Tuesday, August 28

a lovely baking shower for a lovely bride-to-be

you're invited to a baking shower! :)
what is a baking shower you might ask?
it's just an excuse to eat yummy treats and shower the bride-to-be with gifts to fill her kitchen.

my mama and i hosted a baking themed bridal shower for my sweet friend stephanie.  guests brought so many sweet gifts, and many of them tied in to the recipies they gave her. neat huh?

the colors of the bride-to-be's kitchen are going to be blue and red, such a fun combo! so i designed the invitations and matching recipe cards to reflect this theme.

along with the invitations, guests were given two recipe cards to fill out and give back to the bride.  she received so many yummy recipes!! i wanted to keep them all!  there is something so sweet about having  the ladies in your life share their kitchen secrets.

i was really happy with the size and spacing of these cards.  they had enough room to hold detailed directions, and the lines were well spaced, even if the person writing has large handwriting like me. :)

the back of the recipe cards had a giant "d" for the bride-to-be's new last name! :)

i found plain, bamboo kitchen utensils at the grocery store and painted the handles to match the theme. my mom came up with the fabulous idea of tying them to the plate handles.
the bride said she is going to display them on hooks above her stove. isn't that a great idea!?

the guest's favors were recipe cards for two of the items that were served at the shower:
limeaid punch and chicken caesar salad bites.

we used all white flowers, white and blue plates, and white and silver serving pieces.  the white table cloth provided a clean backdrop for all of the red and blue accents and the yummy food! :)

the yummy bite-sized menu included:
shortbread dot cookies
raspberry spritz cookies
mini ham sandwiches
chicken caesar salad bites
chocolate pinwheels
vanilla gem muffins
fruit tarts with blueberries and raspberries
limeaid punch with fresh raspberries
aren't the flowers beautiful? my mama is so great at arranging flowers, i wish i had even a few of her skills!

just a few photos of me with my mama, and with the beautiful bride-to-be! and we all matched, aren't we the cutest?!

are you hosting a shower anytime soon?
if you're interested in personalized invitations, send me an email and i'd love to work with you! :)

Monday, August 27

mr. and mrs. chastain: part 6

on our wedding day, bub-hub and i were so blessed to have a room full of 400 friends and family supporting us and the journey we were about to begin together. we both come from large families, and we both grew up in a church full of people who love us and helped us become the people we are today.

there were so many people who watched us grow up individually, and we wanted everyone to feel like they knew both of us and our story before they watched us become husband and wife.

we had a family friend interview us and our parents and put together this short video.  we played it just before the boys walked in to the front of the church.  i think it was the perfect introduction to our perfect ceremony.

enjoy! :)

the video was made by the wonderfully sweet and talented sarah osigian.

Friday, August 24

holla! it's a fabulous friday!

today, i'm heading to the big-d for my best friend's bridal shower! yayayay!!
my mom and i are hosting the shindig for this sweet bride to be, and i can't wait to celebrate with her.

the majority of my week was spent prepping and crafting for the party, but i don't want to spoil any surprises!  so here are 5 other fabulous things i want to share about my week:

1. we had a lunch-and-learn on thursday, and i may or may not have snatched a few extra cookies on my way out.  they were super yummy oatmeal raisin cookies. how was i supposed to resist??
2. at any given moment of the day, i can look out the window and see a sky split: one half sunny the other half stormy. 
3. $4 blooms at HEB. yes please! i'm terrible at arranging flowers, but i am an expert at putting stem blooms in buckets! :) 

4. everybody talks by the neon trees is currently my favorite song on the radio. i've got 90% of the words down correctly, and the remaining 10% i just mumble through and pretend like i've got the situation under control. who needs to know the words when you have dance moves as smooth spastic as mine. it gives bub-hub a good laugh.
5. last weekend, bub-hub planned a fantastic date night at Ousie's.  believe it or not folks, bub-hub and i have been married three months! how is that even possible? time flies when you're lovin' life! :)

ps: dear ombre hair, sorry about that.
i promise you're on my to-do list, right after laundry and fun. 

what were the highs and lows of your week??



Thursday, August 23

mr. and mrs. chastain: part 5

after our reception under the trees, 
the bridal party headed over to a beautiful park about 5 minutes from the church, to take some fun photos.

bryce and the ladies!
the bottom right photo is of bryce and his beautiful sisters. they are so fabulous and i'm so blessed to be able to be a part of their family!

and now, the handsome groomsmen!
they were such good sports for rockin the bowties.
the best part of being the bride is no one says no.
i think they just look so handsome.

and of course, there were jumping photos. 

i made sure to get one on ones with my sweet sweet bridesmaids:
 one cousin, two new sisters,and three fantastic sister-friends.
every girl needs true heart friends like these ladies.

and of course, there's a brothers shot:
they are quite the studs gentlemen.
they helped with so many projects and were so patient with me as wedding detail discussions pretty much dominated family conversations for the majority of the year.
sorry bout that.
you're the best,
and i hope you know i love you bunches! :)

and of course,
bride and groom shots.
the high five is my favorite.

all photos were taken by Jana at bella bee photography.
the wedding was coordinated by Rhonda at precisely as planned.

Wednesday, August 22

pinteresting wednesday: fall fashion

is it terrible that i'm feeling bitter sweet about fall?
i am 100% pumped for cooler(ish) weather, pumpkin and spices, and football.
i'm 100% sad for the short sleeved shirts i'm going to be wearing until january.
i'm not a pessimist, i'm realistic, and i live in houston.

luckily, my office is always 20 degrees cooler than it is outside,
so i'll be able to get away with sweaters and boots during the work week.

this fall,
i'm looking forward to animal prints, gold accents and lots and lots of scarves.

what fashion pieces are you looking forward to for fall??

Covered in Grace
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