Thursday, February 28

happy birthday mama!

dear mama,
that you for teaching me how to be organized,
for allowing me to grow up and make my own mistakes,
and for promoting creativity and adventure.
thank you for being patient and kind when i didn't deserve it,
for encouraging me when i was anxious,
and for always providing prayer and counsel when i did even know i needed it.
you are the bomb[dot]com.

Tuesday, February 26

just keep learning

life can be funny sometimes.
when your in school, buying text books and going to class can sometimes is the biggest pain.
studying for tests always stressed me out and i was so glad when i walked the stage at graduation and turned in my textbooks forever.
over the last few months, i've been trying to learn all i can about design.
googling and reading blogs is a fantastic way to learn more and refine skills, but sometimes, i want to get away from a screen and read something on paper. #bloggerblasphmy
renting books from is a great way to balance my desire to learn more about the design world and not break the bank. bub hub is most appreciative.
campus book rentals also has a new program which is pretty cool.  it's called Rent Back. instead of selling back your textbooks at the end of the semester, you can loan them out to other students.
pretty great alternative to selling your own blood if you ask me.
here are a few books i'm looking forward to trying out: also supports "Operation Smile" which is an awesome organization that performs life changing cleft lip surgeries on children whose families could not otherwise afford it
free shipping,
supporting a great cause,
long rental terms,
30 day money back guarantee.
what's not to love?
did you rent your text books in college?
this post is sponsored by all opinions are my own.

Monday, February 25

happy birthday baby brother!

today, my baby brother turns 19.
what a little stud.
dear grantham,
thanks for being a great baby brother.
thanks for encouraging me to be a better person, to have more fun in life, to fully enjoy each and every moment, o, and thanks for making me feel guilty about not running 10 miles just for the heck of it. overachiever much? :)
i hope you have a sic birthday.
yup. that just happened.

Friday, February 22

a week in the life....

[one] i love when the skies are sunny and blue,
[two] i'm loving my gold chain necklace from accessory auction!
perfect pairing with practically everything i own. definitely a successful impulse buy.
[three] thursday morning at work, i was greeted with a stack of colorful oversized post it notes.
it might be nerdy, but i love me some post it notes.
[four] i'm loving my new tervis! i ordered one as a gift for a friend a few weeks back and just had to get one for myself. another etsy shop find for the win!
[five] sweet raider has been in our lives for three months now.
i love him so much i can barely stand it.
how was your week?
p.s. i've added a few new shower invites to the shop! :)

Thursday, February 21

time for tea

maybe i've been sucked too deep into the downton abbey vortex,
but i am loving tea parties.
i'd love nothing more than to sit on a beautiful patio with a hot cup of tea, cranberry scones, and my sweet friends.
today, i'd like to introduce you to the newest addition to my etsy shop:
are you hooked on downton?
do you love tea and scones as much as i do?

Sunday, February 17

my sweet valentine.

you know your husband loves you when....
he doesn't say a negative thing about the pink hearts hanging all over the apartment,

and when he let's you put a bow on the world's cutest puppy,
and when he willingly offers to watch "brave" with you.

our first valentines as mr. and mrs. was one for the memory books.
bub-hub made me a yummy fajita feast and we spent the evening watching 
cartoons and cuddling with sweet raider. 
marital maturity at its finest.
i'm so blessed to have such a sweet valentine. :)

Wednesday, February 13

Marital Counseling: HGTV Edition

bub-hub and i have been trying to watch more HGTV.
something about being married just makes us feel that is the responsible thing to do.
i have to say, it's been pretty interesting.
we are learning quite a bit about each other.
not that we are anywhere near ready for a home of our own,
but it's good to know what you're getting into before the pressure is really on!
who needs pre-marital counseling when you can watch HGTV?
one thing we agree on is dark, hardwood floors.
i truly love the way they warm up a room.
and we love the brick accent walls:

and how cute is this door? just makes you want to come right in and have a cup of tea.

i've never really thought of myself as a feather girl, but i could go for these:

and when i asked bub-hub for polka dot walls, he very politely said, "ummmmm you're obsessed." see....communication is key :)

perhaps he'd go for a more subtble version like this for a craft room:
raider will definitely need a comfy chair to relax in. that is a non-negotiable. :)

 someday we will be ready for a home of our own.
but until then, our apartment is perfectly wonderful.
do you have a dream home floating around in your head?

Thursday, February 7

this week

this week,
i enjoyed yummy chocolate chip cookies,
bub-hub and i danced with glo-sticks on our heads,
supported the local girl scouts and ate 4 boxes of cookies,
i tried french-veitnamese food for the first time,
and face-timed with raider. #noshame

how was your week?


thankful in the busyness

lately, i feel like i can't catch my breath.  
as soon as one project wraps up, another giant one is looming around the corner. 
don't get me wrong, i am very thankful for our busy lives and i'm very thankful for the many blessings that we have and for the time we do get to spend together. 
but sometimes, 
i wish i was a little more successful in my 2013 resolution to slow down and be still.
i just wanna snuggle with raider.
is that too much to ask??

today, i am thankful for:
hot tea and giant mugs,
a sweet puppy that welcomes me home every day,
a bub-hub who is a professional mac-n-cheese maker,
rain and cool temperatures that helps keep the humidity away,
sweet friends who provide encouragement at the perfect time.

what are you thankful for today?

Wednesday, February 6

sweet treat goodness

i love sweets.
valentines treats are probably my favorite.

here are a few cute ideas i've been pinning lately.

how cute are these thumbprint cookies.
not only are they covered in sprinkles but they are topped with sweet pink icing.

puppy chow wins every time:

and of course...duh duh duh donuts:

this is a perfect example of how cookie cutters can be multi purpose.
pancakes, sandwiches, cheesecake.

and i'm pretty sure this is going to be my co-worker gift this year:
and now my tummy is officially rumbling.
what are your favorite valentine's sweet treats?

Friday, February 1

wooooohoooo! happy friday ya'll!

 happy friday ya'll! :)
this week,
[1] i went to the eli young band concert with bub hub and some sweet friends,
[2] enjoyed my new favorite drink, la croix, cran-raspberry,
[3] laughed way to hard at cheesy jokes on twitter,
[4] taught raider how to g-chat and online shop,
[5] and jammed to some justin timberlake.
how was your week?
does your puppy like to g-chat?

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