Wednesday, January 30

be my valentine?

ooo valentines. such a fun time to spoil your friends and loved ones with mushy cards and chocolate and candy.
i love nerdy valentines. especially ones that involve puns.
they're so punny!
who doesn't love a corney pick up line?
and anything that requires a little bit of glue...meant to be!
and if you want to keep it classy, there's always this beautiful piece:
or for the inner pyro in us all:
like tick tick.
have you picked out your valentines yet?
are you a store-bought or a make-them-at-home-valentines-giver?

Monday, January 28

the big one!

what is more adorable than a first birthday party?
ummmm....nothing. :)
recently, a sweet friend asked me to help design the invitation to her baby boy's first birthday party and i was thrilled! she is such a fantastic party planner, so i can't wait to see how the party turns out!

i tried to keep the design minimal and make the photo of her baby boy the main focus. 
i love how bright and simple the colors are. 

and just because i've got spring fever:
no, i didn't throw a birthday party for raider,,,,yet. :)
although, that is a brilliant idea!

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Friday, January 25

this week...

this week:
i got caught up on downton abbey,
died trying my new jillian michaels dvd,
enjoyed the sunny sunshine,
discovered a new favorite wine, cupcake red velvet,
and cuddled with my best friend.
pretty fantastic if i do say so myself.
how was your week?

Friday, January 18

hello there friday!

one. raider loves to play. all day, every day. especially at 6 in the morning.
two. it's been so cold this week, that i had to bust out my warmest fur scarf. i've had my eyes out for PETA and buckets of red paint all week. i can't help it. it's the warmest thing i own!
three.  my first attempt at baking stuffed peppers was a complete success! [recipe here]
four.  i found the most lovely, and most glittery card i have ever seen for my besties birthday. #meanttobe
five. chick-fil-a iced tea is the perfect fix for any type of day. 

how was your week?


Thursday, January 17

a precious baby stocking

i am so excited to share this christmas card with you guys.
but it isn't an ordinary christmas card,,,
it's a "we're having a baby" announcement!

how cute is that baby stocking?
when i was asked to help make their big announcement, 
i was overwhelmed with excitement and happiness. 

i first got to know this sweet couple back in college at Texas Tech, and i am so grateful to still call them friends!  they are going to make fantastic parents. and i can't wait to see how the LORD blesses them over the next nine months as they await their beautiful baby b! :)

i'd be honored if you would check out my etsy shop:

Tuesday, January 15

eat, drink and be married!

today, i'm excited to introduce a new addition to my etsy shop:
eat, drink & be married!
who doesn't love a good mustache?
i can't get enough of the yellow.
maybe it's the last five days of cloudy-rainy weather,
but i just love me some sunshine.

visit gracefully made designs on etsy. 

Thursday, January 10

day in the life of the worlds cutest puppy.

have i ever mentioned my puppy raider?
only 500 times? hmmm...
sometimes, when i'm sitting at work, i wonder what my cute little mister does all day.

here is my best guess:
i bet he's helping me with the laundry and watching a little downton abbey.
just call him Lord Raider. 

he's probably playing with destroying his toys and practicing his chewing skills.
and day dreaming about puppy things like chasing birds, eating dinner and trips to the park.
and recently, he became the star quarterback for bub-hub's NCAA team.
so obviously he's been training.

mostly, i think he sits around practicing his model face.
he's too cute for his own good.

Tuesday, January 8

merry january from the chastains!

merry christmas january from the chastain family!
"for unto us is born this day, in the city of David, 
a Savior, who is Christ the Lord."
luke 2:11

christmas cards are probably one of my favorite parts of the holidays. 
i love checking the mail,
i love getting mail,
and i love decorating our refrigerator with photos and beautiful cards. 
me + christmas cards = m.f.e.o.
i will probably leave them up until valentines day.

do you have a special event coming up?
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new designs are going up soon!

Thursday, January 3

happy 2013!

2012 was a pretty fantastic year.
i married my best friend,
gained a new family,
traveled to mexico,
met new friends,
moved into a new apartment,
adopted our best friend, raider,
and so much more.
i'm feeling pretty good about 2013.
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