Monday, December 31

our christmas vacation

bub-hub, raider and i had a splendid time on our christmas vacation adventure.
raider is king of the road.
 we were blessed to be able to spend time with both of our families over the break. 
nothing beats family time.
especially when family time involves watching movies and
eating yummy christmas goodies in your sweatpants.
we went on long walks, enjoyed yummy peppermint lattes from starbucks, and ate a few two many fajitas. can't beat it.
bub-hub and i feel so blessed.
nothing is more refreshing than being surrounded by loving friends and family, and after almost two weeks of goodness, our hearts are officially full.
now, time to gear back up for the real world and a brand new year.
how was your christmas break?


  1. =) so happy y'all had a wonderful time with family! It truly does help to put things back into perspective and start the new year off right! :)
    LOVE the picture of y'all with raider so cute!

  2. sounds like y'all had a great Christmas break! I am obsessed with Raider's face in that first funny!

  3. So glad y'all had a great holiday! Peppermint lattes are the BEST :)


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