Friday, December 14


one: sweet raider and his sweater.
i know, he's the cutest.
two: my favorite christmas song from my favorite christmas cd. 
three: last weekend, my sweet mama helped me sew up our stockings! i'm obsessed with them, and i can't wait to see what santa leaves in them on christmas eve! :)
four: mmmmmm.....yummy yummy raisin bread. perfect breakfast treat.
five: i did it people. this morning,
i completed insanity!!!
my poor tennies are ready for a break.
i'm looking forward to a month of hot yoga and sitting.
and christmas cookies. and fudge.
how was your week?
have you finished your christmas shopping?


  1. So really, did you like Insanity? I've been debating trying it!

    And, yes , your dog is adorbs!!

  2. Insanity... I'm impressed! Even the name scares me off!

  3. Same questions as Emily, did you like it? And where is raider's sweater from? Love your stockings!

  4. Raisin bread is my favorite! I wish I had a slice of it right now! Love the stockings! I wish I had some sewing abilities! Looks like you had a great week overall.
    Hope to see you check out my blog over @
    Xo Brooke

  5. That's my favorite Christmas song, too!! Instantly puts you in a good mood, huh? I could listen to it all year.

    Your stockings are beautiful!! I LOVE them!

  6. I love me some raisin bread!! Yummy! And I cannot get over Raider and his sweater...when I have a dog you can bet it will wear clothes.

  7. Those are the cutest stockings!

  8. We totally put ellie and her bff in sweaters this year and we are definitely not sorry either. haha. too bad they are big dogs and we got a lot of funny looks haha

  9. #1 those stockings...ADORABLE love them.
    #2..i have to hear what you thought of insanity...i would die.


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