Friday, November 30

happy friday!

the week following a holiday tends to last forever.
especially when the weather is beautiful,
and especially when you have a cute puppy waiting for you at home.
one: sweet raider and his giant rope. that boy loves to chew, and i'm grateful it's not my shoes!
two: we didn't win the lottery jack pot,,,,did you?
three: my favorite christmas cd: chris tomlin, glory in the highest.
four: my mom found these super cute gift tags, looks just like raider with a santa beard!
five: i love my family! great photo op at the tech/baylor game last weekend. according to my brother, the bears don't kill their opponents, they only bruise them, because the Bible says murder is wrong.
how was your week?


  1. What a cutie Raider is!! And I love your brother's philosophy haha, too cute!

  2. All cute things! Adorable puppy.

    And I agree, my co-workers and I were all saying how this week has felt so long!

  3. I love those gift tags! I have never seen a gift tag that cute! And your pup is sooo adorable!

  4. I love the cute puppy pictures!

  5. That Chris Tomlin CD is my favorite also :) And I just can't get enough of those sweet Raider pics. He is so adorable!

    Have a fantastic weekend!

  6. I'm gonna have to give that Chris Tomlin cd a try! I love those cute gift tags!!!

  7. Oh my, I bet the Chris Tomlin worship album is awesome! I definitely need to listen to it soon!

    I would love for you to stop by and say hi!

    Have a fabulous weekend!

  8. Say, just a little note... the link up to you on From My Grey Desk isn't working for me... might want to double check it...

    Huh... I think I bought that Chris Tomlin album a couple years ago... but don't know where it is... Gotta start looking!

  9. we did not win, either...but that's because we didn't play! i love the family photo, you all look great!
    have a great weekend!

  10. Those gift tags are sooo cute! Love the family pic too :). You're so pretty Sarah!

  11. My husband & I decided to play the lotto too since it was so high...we didn't win either, bummer! And your brother is totally hilarious!!!

  12. Such cute gift tags! I had to laugh at the Baylor joke...I went to Texas A&M haha

  13. Your weeks always look amazing! aka i want to jump into your life for a bit haha.

  14. we didn't win either :( wahhhhhh!!!!

    it was great to dream while we held the tickets before finding out the winning numbers!!


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