Thursday, October 18

you betta redneckonize....

sad news folks:
honey boo boo child has been banned from the apartment,
especially when mentioned in the same sentence as twitter.
99.98% of the time, bub-hub is a pretty chill, easy going guy,
but not when it comes to honey boo boo and mama june,
especially when something important is on tv like, i don't know....
the presidential debate.

he doesn't really seem to care whether or not glitzy is running for president.

so from now on,
i'll be watching here comes honey boo boo alone, in secret, 
like the true fan that i am.
you better redneckonize. 

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  1. Hubby won't let me watch it either!! :(

  2. hahaha! How could he not care about Glitzy running for prezident?! Sometimes I think men are cray cray...

  3. I have to sneak Honey Boo Boo too. I am so embarrassed that at I love it, but not at the same time lol

  4. Can I just say Honey Boo Boo is like a bad car wreck? Seriously, WHY do we like her so much? Well, that's stretching it...Why do we find ourselves watching and rewatching? I'll admit, after I first heard about her I was amazed. It wasn't long before I had to show my Mom.

    Maybe Bryce's ban will cure you? Or maybe you'll just be like the rest of us, checking in with HBBC every chance you get!

  5. I think my husband is as morbidly curious about that show as I am but he would never admit

  6. LOL i haven't hopped on this bandwagon yet, but been hearing a lot of chukkles from it. When the presidential debate is on, I catch ALL the repetitive clips from the other room while I watch tv alone... so don't feel bad! we must fulfill our guilty pleasures some way!

  7. Haha!! That show is a mess and please don't think that family represents how people are in Georgia ;) Not all of us need sub-titles!

  8. i have yet to watch the show myself (mostly because it isn't on netflix haha)...but i can understand not being able to tear my eyes away from the screen....
    Oh...and girl that is what computers are for! :) haaha

  9. I have never watched it!!! I did see something on one of those nightly news stations about her and her family and I thought it was crazy! LOL I really need to check it out! :) Happy Thursday!

  10. My boyfriend stares at the tv in disbelief the entire time. The only words he's ever been able to manage are "what happened to his teeth" "poor pig" and "do they all have different dads?" What a classy show! I love it too ;P

  11. I've never watched honey boo boo, but I defintely have my shows that my husband hates to watch, so I watch them when he's not around. Sometimes if he starts watching them with me, he totally gets into the story. Guess who's hooked on 90210?


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