Wednesday, October 31

sweet treat swap day!

happy sweet treat swap link up day! 

first, i'll share my package from sweet lauren! 
Teach * Pray * Love  
1. dove milk chocolate  2. pumpkin spice candle  3. a maroon mug!  4. fudge!! pumpkin pie and chocolate  5. a magnetic dry erase board  6. autumn greetings sign! :)  7. burts bees!
and now, my package from courtney!
C is for Callicutt
1. peanut butter filled bugles with chocolate ganache  2. salted caramel candies  3. homegrown praline pecans, right from her farm!  4. a mini pumpkin!! everything is cuter in miniature!  5. pumpkin chocolate chip cookies
guys, i've got a confession to make.
i may or may not have put myself into a sugar coma eating all of my yummy treats.
yup. i didn't even share with bub-hub.
i can't wait to see what you guys got!
if you participated in the swap, link up below and share what you got! :)


  1. #1 that little pumpkin is so cute!
    AND I LOVE the gifts you got, they did a fantastic job!

  2. Wow what great loot!! I love that little Autumn Greetings sign! And boy, I would have eaten all of that myself too...and by myself, I mean my kids too. :)

  3. saw the peanut butter filled chocolate bugles and thought man i haven't had a bugle in a LONG Time like maybe elementary school when we would fill them with cheese whiz, you know the can kind for snack! happy halloween

  4. Last month I told myself I would finally do that to Bugles....Then, I forgot all about it! Thanks for the reminder. :) Enjoy allll of your awesome goodies!!!!

  5. I am a new follower. Love your blog!

  6. This link up was SO MUCH fun!!! Ah! I love you girlies!! Thanks so much for hosting!!

  7. What the heck are bugles? Is that a midwest/east coast thing?
    Us west coast peeps are missin' out!


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