Wednesday, October 17

a wrapping wednesday

this might make me sound like a lame-o, but one of my favorite things to do is wrap gifts.
when i was younger, i used to play "gift wrap store" and my dad would "place orders" for me to wrap gifts for him for family members, friends, co-workers.
i even had a cash register y'all...
i love the final presentation.
the way a gift is wrapped and presented just says a lot about the amount of time and thought that went into it.
what can i say, i just love pretty packages tied up with string! :)
yes please. black kraft paper and white chalk marker. sign me up.
personalized washi gift tape, genius.
perfect alternative to a gift tag: to you from me.
loving it.
patterned paper isn't just for scrapbookers! :)
i love how the paper ribbons are so simlar but just enough different.
Source: via Mallory on Pinterest
ever wonder what to do with your paper grocery bags?
wrap with some cute twine, or stamp with a pretty holiday image, or use washi tape to attach a card or note.
you're golden and green!
i also love adding "extras" to the package, like this super fun bracelet! it's just one extra place to add a little something extra for the person you're giving to!
Source: via Leslie on Pinterest
thank goodness the holidays are finally getting close!it's time to get wrappin! :)
speaking of gifts...
you have a few more days to sign up for the sweet treat swap!
so sign up now before it's too late! :)



  1. Love all of these! I wish I could gift wrap! I can do it, but just the basic gift wrap with premade bow on top!

  2. Wrapping gifts does not make you a lame-o, I too love it! I used to beg my mom to wrap for her as a little kid. Now my skills & style have improved. Kraft paper is a must in my house, it is so easy to dress up when wrapping. Love the black paper with chalkboard markers. I will have to keep an eye out for that!

  3. Great pins! I use to love wrapping gifts when I was little... and I still do now. :)

    Happy Wednesday!

  4. I love all of these! Great pins :) Happy Wednesday!

  5. I LOVE to wrap presents! Down with gift bags!! In fact, at Christmas and my girls' birthdays, I get seriously sad when I know it's the last gift to wrap. I even volunteer to wrap my own gifts (nobody can make a gift look like I can). Glad to know there's someone else who shares this madness!! :) m.

  6. These are all SO cute! I looove wrapping...Christmas needs to get here ASAP :)

  7. I love using brown paper to wrap presents and spice it up with something fun! That black paper idea is super neat too though.

  8. oh my gosh.
    That first one, i'm doing for Christmas! I LOVE IT! LOVE LOVE LOVE IT! AND i have a huge roll of black craft paper! BINGO you're a genius for posting these!

  9. You are not alone; I absolutely love to wrap. It's on of my favorite parts of Christmas.


  10. I LOVE adding extras too- they make the gift so much more personalized and cuter!

  11. Great ideas! I'm terrible at wrapping gifts!

  12. I love wrapping presents too! I've been thinking about posting an ad on craigslist or something, offering to wrap Christmas presents for cheap. These ideas are great for pretty wrapping.

  13. I love wrapping gifts! I think it's so important how its packaged! Before hubs and I were married I would always package his gifts so it would look cute!


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