Monday, October 8

a sweet start to the week

today, i have an exciting announcement!
my sweet friend amy over at taking steps home and i have decided to host a sweet treats swap!
why should kids have all the fun? amy and i decided that we wanted to have a little sweet treat action for ourselves, and we wanted to share the fun with our blog friends!
what is a sweet treat you might ask?
sweet treats can include anything you think is yummy! cookies, candy, sweet smelling goodies, or anything used to make a sweet treat!
here's what you need to do!
1. send the following information via email to gracefullymadeblog[at] using the subject line "Sweet Treat Swap" :
blog name & address
email address
mailing address
favorite sweet treat
favorite thing about halloween
2. follow amy [taking steps home] and myself so you don't miss out on any updates or swap information.
3. when you receive your swap partner,  visit their blog and get to know them a little better! then, put your package together.  your swap package should cost between $10 and $15.
here is the schedule:
October 8 - swap sign up opens!
October 15 - swap partners will start being assigned
October 19 - the last day to sign up, so make sure you send in your email! 
October 25 - try to mail your package by today so it can make it to your partner in time for the link up.
October 31 - share what you got! link up with amy and me and check out what everyone received!


i hope you'll sign up and participate with us!
it's gonna be super fun, so sign up so you can trick-or-treat with us grown up style! :)


  1. Yay! I can't wait to get this thing going!

  2. Can you participate if you are out of the country? We are currently stationed in Korea but our address is APO.

  3. What a great swap! I'm so glad i found ya. I e-mail ya with all my info. I'm dropping in from It's ok Tgursday. I hope you have a great day!


  4. Can you still participate even if you do not have a blog?

    1. Yes absolutely!! Just send me an email and ill get you signed up! :)


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