Wednesday, October 3

in loveeee with pinning

dear world,
my best friend is getting married on saturday.
shut the front door i'm so excited i can barely stand it!

ever since bub-hub and i said "I DO!", my appreciation and passion for what marriage and love really mean has grown and changed so much.
true love is so fun! and such a blessing from the Lord.
i think every lady deserves to be loved the right way.
don't you agree?

when i read through this list, my heart agreed with each and every one. marriage is such a beautiful thing, and my prayer is that each and every sweet lady out there has the blessing of experiencing it the way the sweet Lord intended.

this is just so cute.
i think it was meant for nursery, but i think it would look just as cute on my living room shelf. :)

e.e. cummings melts my heart every time.
what girl doesn't love to be told she lovelier than all the stars in the sky?

how cute are these valentines?
since i don't have kids, my co-workers are going to have to be my substitute 2nd grace classmates.

this was the verse bub-hub and i used on our save the dates.

this list is missing a few names...
bub-hub & graceface
steph and brad! :)

me + bub-hub = besties for life! :)
i know, i'm a cheese-ball.

clear the dance floor, i'm ready to get my wop on.
humiliation is about to ensue.


  1. I love the subway art of famous couples! Such a cute idea.

  2. I love all of these :) Awesome pins! :) Happy Wednesday!

  3. Those are so cute! I love the Song of Solomon verse.

  4. Have so much fun at the wedding! :) :)
    And i LOVE these pins! :) Definitely looking forward to that blessing one day!
    {i read the list [the first pin] and it was beautiful! Thanks for sharing that!}

  5. So so sweet! Marriage is such a blessing...I can't wait :) Have fun at the wedding girl!
    These are great pins...LOVE that SOS quote!
    CoverGirl + Converse

  6. I just love that couples poster! I think I may need to make one of those for my husband and I

  7. That is a great verse.........and those valentines are hilarious! Love it!

  8. That saying from Song of Solomon is one of my favorites!


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