Thursday, October 25

thankful for thursday

today, i am thankful for
for chick fil a sandwiches and sweet tea,
for pumpkin fro-yo at yogurtland.
for supportive and encouraing friends,
and a kind and loving husband.
what are you thankful for?


  1. I don't know what I would do without my friends and my husband! Yes, I will also have to agree with Chick fil a! I might get that for lunch today! :) I'm also thankful for coffee. If I didn't have my coffee I would be a really grumpy zombie! lol Have a good day!

  2. Pumpkin fro yo needs to get into my life... like yesterday!!

  3. mm love me some chick fil a! so good! today i am thankful for the hubby who has been babying me while I am sick. Arnt husbands wonderful! loving your blog :)

  4. I swear we would be BFFs. Chickfila dates ALL. THE. TIME. :)

  5. <3 I'm thankful for air...seriously i take it for granted all of the time.
    I'm thankful for a cool breeze when it's been so dang hot here.
    I'm thankful for awesome friendships. :)

  6. love this!!! i'm also thankful for a kind and loving hubby myself!! i'm thankful for YOU!!


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