Monday, October 29

painting the days away

well, our weekend can be wrapped up in two words:
painting marathon.

that's right folks. 
friday, we painted.
saturday, we painted.
i don't know why i thought it would only take us a few hours.
good thing bub-hub is a realist and planned for it to take the entire weekend.
and extra good thing i bought t-swift's new cd. 
#onrepeat #sorryimnotsorry

saturday morning, we made a shipley's donut run, and got ourselves pumped up for the day ahead of us.  nothing better than overdosing on sugary fried goodness. 
when we got back to the apartment, we kicked it into beast mode.
 i think i might have started crying when we finished.
i've never been so happy in my life.

how was your weekend??
p.s. i have so many new friends on instagram and i love it!!!
i wanna follow you too, so leave your name in a comment!
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  1. taylor swift and donut runs absolutely help with a painting day! cant wait to see the end results!

  2. Woohoo that painting is done, can't wait to see what it looks like!

  3. More pictures are coming right? I want to see what you painted! Love that grey color you chose. Glad you survived. It is amazing just how long painting and cleaning up can take.

  4. HAHAH!
    GIRL i've done that, "This will only take me three hours tops" and then at the end of three days i think to myself "well that was idiotic" hahahahahaha.
    How did you like the new Taylor Swift CD?!
    AND i got your lil' present! <3 yours will be shipping out in the next few days...APPARENTLY the box i had everything in was misplaced over getting the house ready for the partay hahah. WHOOPS.

  5. love the color choice & i am sure it looks even better on the walls :) can't wait to see more pictures. ps, now i want a halloween donut. bad.

    happy monday!

  6. yayyy congrats on getting errr done with the hubs!!! nothing like some grand ol' energy from doughnuts, right?? you two look adorbs together... painting outfits or not... adorbs!!

  7. You two are the cutest! Soooo happy you got your painting finished- I'm sure that is a HUGE relief! Oh... and you have a new Instagram follower :) @juliarose65

  8. Hello! I'm a new follower and wanted to say hello. Glad you got your painting project done and that you love it! It's always so horrible when you go to all the work painting and then don't even like the color.

    I nominated you for a Liebster Award too! :) You can find out more about it here:

  9. Y'all are the cutest! I can't wait to see how all the painting turned out! Z and I HATE painting...we swore it off after painting one room (yes, just one) in our house last November...but then the whole Baby came along and we ended up painting the nursery. It's a lot of work! Love that y'all made a Shipley's run...they are SO good!

  10. Ugh, painting is such a pain!! When we bought our new house in January we LITERALLY painted every single surface inside the house. Window trim, baseboard trim, every single bedroom/bathroom/closet door, every single wall, every single ceiling...there wasn't a single thing we did not paint, except the kitchen cabinets. It took us a few weeks to get it all done, HOURS UPON HOURS and tons of blisters and yes, some tears (at one point I think I suggested we just hire someone to finish it!) but we finally finished! Since then we've re-painted the kitchen twice and a living room wall up is painting our kitchen cabinets white and I have been (forcing us) to put it off for months. I just can't hold a roller anymore...and don't get me started on the smell of oil based primer!!!


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