Tuesday, October 9

workin on my fitness

technically, my apartment complex has a gym,
the tv's are broken,
only 1 treadmill is in working order,
and i'm not sure if the free weights have ever been cleaned.

since i'd rather spend a little extra money decorating for fall and shopping for new sweaters, i found an alternative solution to pricey gym memberships.

i'm sure the first thing that pops into your head when someone says workout video is one of the following:
russell simmons
let's get physical, physical!

don't be afraid,
there are so many dvds that are PERFECT for working out in an apartment, you just need to find the one that fits you best. 
before you invest in a lot of dvds you may or may not love, check out your local library, or even youtube and netflix.  they have tons of great ones you can try out before you make the investment. a few of my favorite youtube channels are blogilates & livestrong woman
as an Apartment Guide Blog Partner, i will be sharing ideas on how to work out in your apartment.

here are a few things to think about when choosing your best fit:
1. it requires a minimal amount of equipment.
look for a dvd that focuses on body weight training, which means you don't need a full set of dumbbells to get a good work out in.
2.  it is low impact.
low impact does not equal an easy work out.  it just means you won't have to worry about your downstairs neighbors complaining about a herd of elephants living above them. 
3. look for variety.
find a work out that keeps you engaged.  since you're in your apartment, it's easy to just turn off the tv and walk away. you have to be self-motivated. so pick a workout that's fun for you!

my fit is jillian michaels.
and i know it's hard to see, but i also have a non-jillian dvd in there. 
it's called fit body yoga.
it's the bomb.com.
it's my go-to-i-need-to-stretch-so-bad-but-can't-afford-a-yoga-class workout.

you only need a few things for your equipment stash:
1. an yoga or exercise mat.  
since i have wooden floors, this is a must!
one time, i had to use a towel, and it was a disaster. i was sliding all over the place. 
2. 2-3 sets of dumbbells.
i have a set of 5 lbs and a set of 8 lbs. these are great because they are coated in rubber, so they won't scratch up your floors and they won't slip out of your hands if you get sweaty.
3. exercise bands.
these take up absolutely no space and they can be used in stretching and resistance training. overall, they are a must have for your equipment stash.

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  1. Go you for being proactive in getting your fitness on in a small space!

  2. This is great! I love workout videos, and many local libraries have them, so you can borrow them for free! :)

  3. I love working out at home! Honestly, I'd also love someone to take some classes with me, but they're SO EXPENSIVE here...I think I saw an ad for yoga classes the other day - $100 for 10 classes! Maybe that's normal but it seemed really high to me, considering I can pay $15-20 for a good yoga DVD and have unlimited sessions in my living room :)

  4. Love this! I have a few jillian dvds myself...but i just don't take the time to get it done.
    That has GOT to change! :)

  5. ANd i just spent 20 minutes looking through those youtube channels! Heres to hoping i get at least 10 minutes done each morning before starting my day! :) Thanks for sharing this Sarah, seriously!


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