Monday, October 1

cheers to a relaxing weekend.

bub-hub and i have been running around like crazy for the past few weeks, so it was nice to have a weekend of relaxation and laziness! :)

friday evening, bub-hub and i got to spend the evening with the cutest little 4-month old on the planet. babysitting with bub-hub is the best. he is the master of all things baby-boy.

saturday, college game day. 
we also ran a bunch of errands, which included buying our shoes for the shoedrive at church.
bub-hub and i had a 2 year old little girl.
my heart melted when i saw these teeny-tiny nikes.
they were smaller than my hand. too cute to pass up.

my sunday started with a lovely brunch with girlfriends at a lovely little place called Tiny Boxwoods, where i had the most giant latte that has ever existed. 
it was the size of my head. 
i also had yummy cinnamon roll and the sugar headache that followed was 100% worth every bite.

p.s.  kate spade definitely instagrammed a pic from Tiny's on thursday, so i feel like we basically hung out and are now best friends.  i like to pretend we sat in the same chair. 
i told you it was giant.

i spent the afternoon relaxing, working on projects, and finishing my book!
 o, and having an anxiety attack watching the end of the ryder cup.
i don't watch golf, but for some reason, i was 100% into this tournament.
it must have been a side effect of too much sugar. 

overall a pretty recharging weekend if i do say so myself.

how was your weekend?
do you have any new books you can recommend?


  1. That latte looks so good, I could use one right about now!
    Love the face on the baby, it is too funny!

  2. That baby is adorable! There's nothing sweeter than knowing that your man will make a good daddy someday :)

    Happy Monday!

  3. Wow that latte looks amazing.


  4. The sugar high must have been really high coz that looks really delicious. The baby is super adorable too!
    Looks like you had a great weekend. Have a fab week too!

  5. Relaxing weekends are the best, and girl i WANT that cinnamon role...flippin' YUM.

  6. omg how cuteeee! i love relaxing weekends and cant wait to have one soon! ha! super cute blog girl! glad i stopped by from the link up! happy mon!

  7. What a precious baby!! It must have been so much fun to babysit that little man. :)

    Awesome blog! Visiting from the link-up; hope you have a fabulous Monday!

  8. Sounds like such a fun weekend!! As far as books, I'm reading "Change your Words, Change your Life" by Joyce Meyer. It's about thinking positively and only speaking about the good and focusing on that. It's really a great read!

  9. I am loving your blog- you have a great writing voice and such cute style! Plus you're a fellow Coppellian! And, I feel so creepy even going here... but, did you go to DBU Lab School? My little sis and I were there back in the mid-90's and I couldn't figure out why you seemed so familiar... then it clicked!

  10. that 4 month old is darling!! and those tiny nikes are so precious, love them!

  11. How adorable is that little one!

  12. SUCH A CUTE LITTLE GUY! I love his expression on the photo :)

    Here's a new book you might love:


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