Wednesday, October 24

pinning paint chips

bub-hub and i are moving into our new apartment this weekend!
i'm super excited and having more space and transforming this new place our home!

one of the things i'm most excited about is painting the walls.
but it's also the thing i'm most nervous about.
i've never really painted before, so i've been reading so man how-tos and tutorials,
but i'll probably just end up winging it and making a mess.

i think we have our colors picked out:
a yellow kitchen
soft gray living room and bathroom
soft blue-gray bedroom

i know, we're super exciting, wild and crazy people.
 i love that this wall color is on the blue side of gray.

or maybe a lighter shade of gray...

doesn't this yellow kitchen make you so happy?
i'm obessed with this blue.
i think it's so calming and peaceful.
a perfect room to come home to at the end of a long day.

but the again, who knows what i will actually walk out of the paint store with...if anything.
do you have any tips for painting?
how do you know what shade of paint to select?


  1. Oh my... if you are super exciting about your colors choices then I am beyond amazing because I painted my entire house... all walls the same color and trim all white. Every. Single. Room. And I love it haha. :)

    We bought our house at the end of August and painted it and got it all ready in two weeks. I have loads of tips for you... that I picked up from my readers by asking the same question.

    Spend the money on a good angled brush. Makes trimming the edges so much easier. I didn't tape and what a time saver!

    Paint the ceilings first because you will drip and make a mess.

    Buy a sample of the color you like. It's only a few bucks. Paint a chunk of wall, let it dry and see what you think. Look at it at different times of day because there will be a different light hitting it. That's how you know if you like your color or not.

    Have friends help you... it makes it so much more fun!

    Happy painting!

  2. ughhh i just die for greys for some reason! I love both the blue-grey and that slate grey! Grey walls are comforting to me for some reason.

    A good china bristle angled brush is a life saver!(learned that one from my dad after he painstakingly cut in the ceiling of my two story entryway with a crap brush. wooops! sorry dad!)

    Also, buying paint samples and put big ole swatches on the walls like Laura mentioned is a MUST! I always thought it was a big waste of time (When I'm motivated to do a project I want to do it right then, so painting a swatch and waiting a couple days was torture for me) So glad I've done it though, so many colors that I thought would look amazing, ended up not working at all!

    Good Luck girl!

    xo michelle

  3. I'm in love with both of those bathrooms! The colors with the crown molding make it look SO gorgeous and elegant. My boyfriend just put an offer on a house this morning so my fingers are crossed that we'll be moving in a few short months and I'll get to do all of the fun painting and decorating too :)

  4. I LOVE grey as a neutral color, it is in my living room color right now and I am using it in the house too eventually. It looks great with white trim.

    I will agree that good brushes are important. Don't cheap out there or on tape. You will regret both decisions eventually! Another tip is to paint popsicle sticks (one for each room) an carry them around with you when shopping for accessories etc so you know if they match the room easily.

    Painting an apartment makes it so much more homey, you will be so happy you did!

  5. Love the blue-grey colors! Beautiful yet calming. Great colors!

  6. We have such similar tastes! In the new house I totally want to paint the walls a soft gray. Love it.

    Good luck with the move!

  7. I love all of these colors, and it's inspiring to actually get my butt in gear and paint some of our rooms. I am loving that light blue, the last pin, too! A nice pop but not to crazy, and those plates are awesome...ok ok I just like the whole thing lol!

  8. I grab several shades of the color I want. Bring the chips or samples home and put them up on the wall. I look at them at different times of day. Then I make the plunge.

    Another good thing to do, is find a color (or two or three) that you like and search the name online. I have ruled out A LOT of colors (and found inspiration for other colors) that way. So many people are sharing pictures of paint in their homes and very often their thoughts on the colors they chose.

    When it comes to painting, take everything off the walls that you can. Don't bother taping things off, instead just keep a damp rag near. If you get paint on the woodwork, wipe it off right away. If one of you has a cup of paint and a small brush, that person can edge. The other of you should have a roller and a paint tray and can do the rest. Each of you should have a stool/ladder/chair.

    I just painted the entire main floor of my house, so it's all fresh in my mind. I hope your painting leaves you as happy as mine has!

  9. Great color choices, Sarah!! I really love the yellow fun and so YOU. The last blue room is really calming too...can't wait to see what you guys end up with!

  10. YAY! I can't wait to see the new place!
    For painting, ALWAYS paint trim first, always, two coats THEN roll..otherwise you get these weird lines.
    ALSO i suggest buying the $2 samples and painting them on the wall and live with it for a few days so you see it in real life, i didn't do that with my bedroom...and now i HATE the colors in there! :)

  11. I love grey! We went crazy in our kitchen and did it all white with a bright red accent wall.

  12. love the color choices. I grew up in homes with yellow kitchens.. so now to me it seems the only way to go! Great choices! cant wait to see pictures of your new place. congrats on the big move :)


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