Friday, August 31

finally,,,,,it's friday.

this week has been a busy one full of fun and exciting things.
bachelorette party weekend has finally arrived! woooohoo!
needless to say,
preparations have kinda taken over my life, and our apartment...oops.
but i did manage to squeeze in a few photos :)

one: fruit punch spark + smart water = a winning combination.
i know smart water isn't really any more special than any other kind of bottled water,
but i like to pretend it makes me super woman.
i have a feeling i'll be chugging a few sparks to get me through this fabulous and full weekend of fun! :)
 two: since i failed to make it to the grocery store this week,
thursday night became dominos pizza night. 
which is now my favorite night because when it comes to pizza, pete the pizzamaker is probably the coolest thing i've ever experienced. 
what can i say, i'm easily amused.
three: wife-lesson of the week: always have cookie dough on hand.
you never know when your bub-hub might get a hankerin! :)

dear bub-hub,
thank you for your extreme patience and understanding this week.  i know i've been a little whiney and high strung, and a bit more needy than any normal husband should ever have to tolerate. you're the best, and i love you more than you know, andddddd you're a stud. 

dear real world job,
i know my attitude about you is terrible,
but frankly, 
it's hard for me to find joy in anything about you. i need a serious attitude adjustment. i'm very grateful for your bi-monthly paycheck, and for the life lessons you're providing (whether intended or not...). 


  1. And if you get real busy, you can just hand him the cookie dough and a spoon, just as good! :P Have a good weekend girl! :)

  2. Ok...that cookie dough looks amazing...yum....and pizza, don't even get me started!
    I love patient people, and it sounds like your husband has been the example of that this past week, girl that is true love! :) :)
    AND I AGREE...real jobs definitely are a learning experience in seeing things as "the glass is half full NOT empty"
    Heres to attitude adjustments.

  3. Having cookie dough on hand is ALWAYS a great idea! Glad you have a nice, patient guy. Enjoy your weekend. :)

  4. Did you freeze the cookie dough? Can you do that? I'm the eat-raw-cookie-dough-and-ignore-the-warnings kinda girl, but I might worry if I froze the dough for too long!

  5. hahaha... is following up an apology to a husband with "your a stud" the man equivalent of buying flowers? :)

    If I always had cookie dough on hand I would weigh about 300 more pounds than I do!

  6. i've learned the have cookie dough on hand lesson too! i make double batches and freeze it.


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