Wednesday, August 29

pinning in pink

you know you're a pin-aholic when...
your home visiting your mama, and you hear her say,
"oooooo sarah grace, you have to see this pin....o pinned it!"
my bad
that might have happened a hand full of times on my trip home last weekend. 
what can i say, i take after my mama. :)

one thing i've learned about myself is i that i hate passing up an idea, especially when it's cute. this is probably the reason i have a couple dozen too many ideas for an upcoming bachelorette bash (steph close your eyes!).

these fabulous finds didn't make the cut, so i can share them without ruining all the surprises. 

pink is mandatory at every bachelorette party, so i've been on the hunt for anything and everything hot pink and sugary and sparkley.
how cute & perfect are these?!

i also really want to try this sangria.
i love sweet tea and i love sangria so i really don't see how a combo of the two could go wrong.

if you have ever met me or talked to me, even just once, chances are beyond high that i was wearing polka dots, or sporting a polka dot accessory. i love me some dots.  how cute would this tablescape be with black, white, and hot pink accents?

grown up popsicles?
yes please!
strawberry peach vodka frozen cocktail.

"the morning after" gift basket.
how funny is that??
target and michaels have bright pink buckets on sale right now.

i think this should be the motto for any and every party or night on the town. nothing better than letting it loose on the dance floor with a group of girl friends.

a party isn't a party without a glitter.

and of course, you need a fabulous pair of shoes with a tiny touch of sparkle.
it's not a purchase, it's an investment. :)

i wish i could plan 5 parties so i could use all of my pinterest ideas.
maybe i'll just plan a party with 5 times the fun!

what party pins to you love??


Covered in Grace


  1. Loving all of your pins! Seriously, I've been wanting to make those cookies since forever, but really haven't had a reason to. If I make them with no reason, I eat most of them. No good. Oh and the sangria...yum. Pretty much love all your pins! Bachelorette parties are a blast! happy planning! Now to go find you on Pinterest :)

  2. That tablescape is gorgeous! And those cookies would match my baby shower so perfectly, my theme is pink/zebra/giarffe pattern! Hopefully I can squeeze sometime in before Saturday to make them. ;)

  3. Love those nails! I must find that nail polish :) Stopping by from the linkup, Happy Wednesday!

  4. wholly crap those shoes. i need them in my life. AND that table cloth...LOVE

  5. All of those idea are so cute! But I especially love those cookies, those just scream bachelorette party

  6. love those grown up popsicles. what a great idea!


  7. Love all your pins especially the table set up! I love the color combination you have in mind! I've been looking for things on pinterest that have to do with a brunch with my girlfriends and that table setting idea would be perfect! Hope you have a great day!

  8. I super love glitter and polkadots! Great pins!
    ~Lauren @

  9. Sweet tea sangria is such a perfect idea. Why didn't I think of that? Probably because I'm not Southern.


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