Friday, August 10

high five for friday: weekly wrap up

favorite exercise
another week of pure barre,,,,owned! :)
this week was pretty rough,
not gonna lie. 
but i just keep giving myself little pep talks between sets and pray i make it through. one day at a time...

favorite radio station
thursday, i discovered olympics sports radio.
i can't believe i've gone the entire olympics without knowing about it.
i feel like i've missed out on so much.
better late than never right??

favorite bub-hub quote:
the bub-hub's wise words of the week-
"never get on 610....ever."
if you live anywhere near houston,
you should definitely agree. 
if you're ever late for a i was on thursday...just tell them traffic was terrible, and they will understand 100% and forgive immediately. ugh. 

favorite piece of mail
last week, bub-hub and i became advocare distributors!
we have been using the products for years and are super excited about becoming more involved with the company.
i can't wait to share more details with you guys soon! so keep an eye out! :)

my not-so-favorite thing
my favorite pair of work-pumps died this week.
i know they were only from target,
and i know they were over 5 years old,
but they were super comfy.
they've been needing to go for a while,
but it took a one inch long hole that appeared on the top of my right shoe for me to go through with tossing them.
you will be missed.

how was your week??
link up with posts below and share your favorite highs and lows! :)




  1. Such a bummer when you lose your favorite pair of work shoes. I broke the heel on mine last fall but thankfully I was able to get it repaired. On the bright side at least you get to go shoe shopping now!

    1. agreed! definitely the beautiful silver lining! :)

  2. It is the worst when a comfy pair of work shoes dies. They are so hard to find. New follower!


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