Tuesday, September 4

mr. and mrs. chastain: part 8

as i've mentioned time and time again,
fun was the top priority of the day.
we wanted our guests to laugh and eat and dance the night away.
in order to set the mood for the night,
we had the wedding party dance into the reception with their signature dance moves.
bub-hub and i were waiting outside, so we didn't get to see them all, but hearing the guests burst into laughter and applause was enough to let us know our plan for fun was working!
we boogied in after our wedding party,
then shared a first dance to the Blake Shelton version of
"God Gave Me You"
and then, there were toasts.
our best man and maid of honor nailed it:
the perfect blend of hilarious and practical advice.
and then there was my dad,
who was the perfect blend of awkward advice and hilarious anecdotes, which is why i have a dozen photos of bub-hub's face looking like the bottom left.
bub-hub and his mama shared a sweet dance to "find your wings" by mark harris.
isn't her dress so fun?! i love the ruffles. :) 
next, my dad and i shared our sweet & serious dance.
we started out dancing to steven curtis chapman's "cinderella", and then,
made some akerly magic.
at the end of our dance, we played "we are family" and brought everyone out on the dance floor to boogie down with us.
you need to be best friends with my dad.
he is the most hilarious, fun guy on the planet.
the photos don't quite do it justice, so here's a short video of the fun part of our dance.

our guests were on the dance floor the ENTIRE night.
there were even people dancing off the dance floor, between the tables, because there wasn't enough room!  there is nothing better than twisting and shouting and boogying down with a dance floor full of friends and family.
we had such a fantastic time dancing the night away.
what are your favorite songs to dance to at wedding receptions??


  1. i love dancing! :)
    It looks like this was a blast, and i agree having people dance OFF the floor and inbetween tables is the BEST.
    Also i love the awkward faces your husband was making..hilarious!

  2. Dancing at weddings is always the best! There wasn't too much done at mine, being 5 months pregnant kinda stopped that...which just makes me want to throw our anniversary wedding that much faster to make up for that! Only 9.5 years to go. HAHA :P

  3. That video totally made my day...I wanna be bff's with your dad! The looks on your hubbys face during his speech are priceless :). I am in love with all your wedding pictures...you had such an AMAZING wedding! Everything looks so beautiful and everyone looks so happy. You also had an awesome photographer that captured tons of sweet, sweet moments. Love it!!

  4. I really enjoyed this post!!!! That video- WHAT A MEMORY!!! I loved it. Fun daddies are great to have. Mine makes me giggle everyday and we danced our selves out at my wedding. Would not change it for nothing. ;)

  5. My husband and I danced to the same song! I love it:) what a beautiful wedding. You look stunning and most importantly happy!


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