Thursday, August 9

nature made jewelry holder

last weekend when i was home,
i noticed a rather large pile of logs chillin out side my parent's garage.
maybe i'm still recovering from wedding craft planning mode,
but everytime i see a pile of sticks or wood,
i immediately feel an urge to run over and pick them up for projects.
[what...your wedding day dreams aren't filled with sticks and tree limbs?? pshhh...just wait till i get around to posting those photos.]
i just knew i could use one of those mini logs for something!
and then i remembered this pin:

[insert skies opening up and angels singing lovely melodies...and the bub-hub saying..."when are you going to stop wanting to decorate our apartment with dirty sticks?" true love lets you act a little nutty.]

here is my attempt at a recreation:

1. all you need is a branch, hammer, twine or rope, a nail, and a few eye hooks.
i used eye hooks because i think they hold things better, but nails would work just fine.

2.  lay your branch down and plan where you want to place your hooks. my branch was rock solid, so i used a nail to make pre-holes. 

3. if your branch has little twigs on it, try to place your nails in a place that compliments the twigs, because they can be used to hold things as well.  the tiny twigs are perfect for rings.


4.  screw your eye hooks tightly into the branch.  don't force them in, but you want them to be secure so they don't fall out when you hang your beautiful but heavy bubble necklace on it.
when we were kids, we had to worry about heavy backpacks,,,,now, it's the bubble necklace. our poor backs just can't catch a break.

5.  wrap your twine or string around the branch and then secure to the wall.
i just used nails to hang it, but i think it would be cute to use a small curtain rod,
or maybe even paint the branch white or black...hmmm...
i added an extra string between to hang my earrings.
this is workin out great because now i can see all my options!

there's my little creation!
and it only took about 30 minutes.
yay for fast-crafts!
pinterest project for the win.


  1. I love it when I actually do something from Pinterest - it makes me feel so much better about killing so much time on the site!

    1. agreed!! i definitely feel a little bit proud of myself. :)

  2. SO cute, Sarah! I love how it turned out!

    1. thanks brittany! i was rather pleasantly surprsied myself! :)

  3. Replies
    1. thanks girl! i love that it displays everything in an uncluttered way!

  4. Cuteness!!!!

  5. You did such a good job!
    Ahhh everytime i see a stick my brain starts rolling the sentence "and i could use that for..." haha


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