Monday, August 6

a busy & refreshing weekend

you know what's better than a weekend full of friends and family?

bryce and i made the trek up i-45 last friday afternoon, made a stop at sonic for happy hour, waved to sam houston, sat in traffic, and cranked the tunes.
we arrived in coppell just in time for dinner at our favorite restaurant on the planet,
followed by fro-yo with my mama and watching the olympics.
pretty solid welcome home if i do say so myself.

it also just worked out that my bestie a.k.a. the bride-to-be was in town!
so a trip to starbucks definitely happened.
have you tried the very berry hibiscus refresher?
my new favorite thing for sure!

and we might have made another trip to anamias...
it's not that houston is lacking in mexican food restaurants,
but for real guys,
nothing compares to our hometown favorite.
and we had some lost time to make up for.

even though our time with our families was short,
it was just what my heart needed.
we had a great time,
and maybe [definitely] ate too much food.
totally worth it.

how was your weekend?

1 comment:

  1. Sounds so fun! You drove right by our house on 45 :). I want to try that Starbucks drink...sounds yummy!


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