Monday, August 27

mr. and mrs. chastain: part 6

on our wedding day, bub-hub and i were so blessed to have a room full of 400 friends and family supporting us and the journey we were about to begin together. we both come from large families, and we both grew up in a church full of people who love us and helped us become the people we are today.

there were so many people who watched us grow up individually, and we wanted everyone to feel like they knew both of us and our story before they watched us become husband and wife.

we had a family friend interview us and our parents and put together this short video.  we played it just before the boys walked in to the front of the church.  i think it was the perfect introduction to our perfect ceremony.

enjoy! :)

the video was made by the wonderfully sweet and talented sarah osigian.


  1. So cute! Loved the video


  2. This is the sweetest thing EVER! I've never heard of anyone doing this...what an awesome idea! Y'all's parents are the cutest :). I seriously started crying when Bryce was talking about you at the end....pregnancy hormones? Maybe. But I think I would've cried no matter guys are precious!

  3. oh my gosh the video is AMAZING and such a great idea! :) I loved it....i even teared up a little, haha lame i know.


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