Wednesday, August 8

o how pinteresting: summer treats and eats!

how does summer keep getting hotter??
i know that summer technically doesn't start until late june,
but in my mind, summer starts in may,
and by my count,
it should be cooling down.
but no, the temperatures keep cranking up higher and higher,
and we've still got more than a month to go.
yay sweat!
all this hot weather has me craving frozen cocktails...

what drink screams summer more than a frozen margarita?
this is such a fantastic alternative to homemade margaritas in a blender that never seem to turn out as fabulous as the overpriced [but still fantastic...] ones at cyclone anayas.

or if the tequila isn't your drink of choice,,,,
why not try a champagne (or gingerale...) float?
adorable owl stirring sticks not required, but definitely recommended.

another fantastic plus for summer,,,,the fruit! :)
nectarines and blueberries and peaches,
o my!
i'll trade steamy afternoon for a juicy nectarine any day of the week!

and of course,
you can't leave out the summer veggies...
cheesy succhini rice anyone?!
please ignore the fact that my one veggie selection also includes an incredible amount of cheese. sorry i'm not sorry.

we don't have an ice cream maker
(although, as i'm typing this, i'm thinking maybe that's what i should use my macy's gift card for...hmmmm)
so when i see the yummy sherbert and ice cream recipies floating around on pinterest,
my heart breaks a bit.
this recipie however only requires a freezer.

i really want to try this fruity frozen cheesecake recipe,
and maybe make it into minis??
i'm loving everything mini right now! :)

and on a totally unrelated note:

 just because i laugh everytime i see it pop up on my pin-feed.

what summer treats are you pinning?
have you tried any of them?

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  1. I don't have an ice cream machine either ... and I REALLY want one ... I'm thinking I need to buy one. I pinned a recipe for pumpkin froyo that I can't wait to try!

  2. I want to get an ice cream maker to make frozen yogurt! Found you thru Covered in Grace's Link up today! Following you now! YAY!

    Ramblings of a Southern Belle

  3. Owl stir sticks make everything better.

  4. Oh! That nectarine blueberry crisp looks awesome!!

    Thanks for linking up!!

  5. Umm so the nectarine blueberry crisp is right up my alley! Might have to try that out! Stopped by from the link up!

    -Simone @


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