Friday, August 24

holla! it's a fabulous friday!

today, i'm heading to the big-d for my best friend's bridal shower! yayayay!!
my mom and i are hosting the shindig for this sweet bride to be, and i can't wait to celebrate with her.

the majority of my week was spent prepping and crafting for the party, but i don't want to spoil any surprises!  so here are 5 other fabulous things i want to share about my week:

1. we had a lunch-and-learn on thursday, and i may or may not have snatched a few extra cookies on my way out.  they were super yummy oatmeal raisin cookies. how was i supposed to resist??
2. at any given moment of the day, i can look out the window and see a sky split: one half sunny the other half stormy. 
3. $4 blooms at HEB. yes please! i'm terrible at arranging flowers, but i am an expert at putting stem blooms in buckets! :) 

4. everybody talks by the neon trees is currently my favorite song on the radio. i've got 90% of the words down correctly, and the remaining 10% i just mumble through and pretend like i've got the situation under control. who needs to know the words when you have dance moves as smooth spastic as mine. it gives bub-hub a good laugh.
5. last weekend, bub-hub planned a fantastic date night at Ousie's.  believe it or not folks, bub-hub and i have been married three months! how is that even possible? time flies when you're lovin' life! :)

ps: dear ombre hair, sorry about that.
i promise you're on my to-do list, right after laundry and fun. 

what were the highs and lows of your week??




  1. AW! Me and my hubby will be married for 3 months on Sunday, time certainly does fly!! :)

  2. I'm constantly amazed with how fast it goes. Hubs and I are coming in on 8 months!

  3. I do the same thing with songs until I know all the words, superior dance skills = better than knowing lyrics.

  4. Hahah love the ombre comment, aint that the truth! :) since the bridal shower is this weekend, that means we get to see the awesome invitations you made soon right?! I'm on pins and needles. :) I've never heard of the neon trees so i'm off to youtube them now! :)

  5. oh my gosh i just watched the video and i LOVE their sound, and that video is amazing...can we please go back to the least style, & poise wise?! ahhh love that time!

  6. Those cookies look yummy, minus the raisins, gross. Put some chocolate chips in there instead & we are in business.

    And I love your bucket you put the flowers in, super cute!

  7. cute letters, I found you on the linkup!


  8. Okay that Ombre thing is quite hilarious. Haha :) If I weren't so dang pale, I would maybe try that look.

    I would love for you to stop by and say hi!


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