Friday, September 14

just call me butterfingers

so this one time, 
when i was sitting calmly at my desk, 
i spilled a giant cup of water on me. 
butterfingers for the win!
praise the good LORD it was water and not my bright red fruit punch spark. ahh!
good thing i have an illegal space heater sitting under my desk to dry me out.

the irony of the situation is that this morning, as i was putting on my white shirt, 
i heard the tv weather man say that it was going to rain most of the day, and i thought to myself, 
"self, you better bring your rain-trench just in case it rains to avoid inadvertently entering a white-t-shirt-contest."
note to self: wear your rain trench all day err-day. 

life is just so silly sometimes. 

dear self, pull it together. you're a hot-mess. 

Just Because Friday

p.s. my fall swap package arrived yesterday from kelley at the grant life,
and boy did she hooked me up! :)

1. a beautiful headband
2. bakers twine!
3. coffee stirring sticks, fabulous!
4. a pocket sized planner
5. burts bees! holla!
6. snail mail note pad
8. fantastic fast dry nail polish, called "slick slate"

ladies,,,,i am so spoiled! :)
check out the other fall swap posts over at the vintage modern life

happy friday! 


  1. This made me laugh. :) (But way to see the bright side - clear liquids on a white shirt >>> colored liquids on a white shirt!)

  2. aaawwww, sorry for the water spill. And hoping you didn't get rained on!
    Happy weekend!

  3. "Dear self, pull it together, you're a hot mess"...i died, hilarious.
    I have spilt (on many, MANY occasions) an ENTIRE CUP of liquid (most of the time water) on clothing.
    Ha...yay for illegal space heaters.
    AND DANGGGGG she did hook you up!
    I want bakers twine....

  4. Haha...this made me giggle. You're so cheery, I love it.

    Have a great weekend!

  5. How exciting! All your new things are so cute. Doesn't it seem like everytime someone spills something on themselves, their shirt is white? haha how awful! Thank God for your space heater. I just started following your blog!! Can't wait to read more. Have a good weekend.

  6. what cute coffee stirring sticks! sure does beat a regular spoon!
    and i spill something on my clothes like..once a day. ha. i feel your pain.
    have a good weekend!


  7. Aw, I wish I could have known about the fall swap. You got some fun things there.

    I always spill water on myself so I'm glad all I usually drink is water! :)

  8. Your post is the exact reason I have banned white shirts from my wardrobe, and we have a couple of wedding pictures where I am sitting at the head table with a purple napkin tucked into the front of my dress. Thank goodness it was only water!

  9. LOVE all your cute swap goodies! I just bought that bakers twine today for my Christmas gifts (I shop early!). I need to get in on these swaps!

  10. hahah thank goodness it was just water!

  11. You received such cute items in your swap. You are lucky it was only water. Every time I wear white, I somehow manage to get everything I ate throughout the day on it!

  12. Thank you so much for participating in our swap. Glad you got some great goodies.


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