Wednesday, September 26

it's tea time :)

one of my favorite things about fall is drinking warm drinks from huge mugs.
something about warm tea on a cool morning just brings a little peace and joy to my soul.
coffee is pretty yummy as well, but nothing beats a giant mug of slightly sweet lady grey tea.

Source: via Tiffany on Pinterest

there is something about china tea cups that makes me feel like i'm taking a trip back in time, drinking tea with the queen or i'm living in a fairy tale. what can i say, i like to play pretend. :)

it is highly likely that the girls in my small group will be receiving something similar to this for christmas. i don't know who wouldn't love a gift like this, and it's so simple to put together. perfect gift for a group!
Source: via Sarah Grace on Pinterest

the ultimate tea pot collection. my heart is melting.

i'm 97% sure i will be having a tea cup display like this in our next apartment. i have the wall already picked out.  what's the point of having cute mugs and containers if you have to keep them behind closed cabinet doors??

cinnamon rolls are the perfect companion for a morning tea party don't you think??
then again, when are cinnamon rolls not perfect??

p.s. i'm participating in my first giveaway! :)
my items are an 8x10 tea cup print and 2 personalized tea mugs! yay!

head over to ms. jen's lovely blog, that's what she read, and check out all of the lovely items and enter the giveaway!!


  1. I love that tea cup gift idea! And I am totally doing a coffee/tea bar in our next home too! It's so clever and easily accessibly. Perfect! I agree that cinnamon rolls are the perfect compliment to well, anything. ;)

  2. I LOVE the coffee wall/station! SOOO cute! :)
    I'm also a hot tea drinker...i have so much tea it's insane honestly lol. :)
    Yay for a give-a-way! that is awesomeeee

  3. I love tea, so I would love that gift idea. When we finish remodeling our kitchen, I want to have a coffee/tea area in the kitchen because it is such a big part of our lives.

  4. I have been loving bringing hot tea back out too! You are like the second person I have ever known who actually knows what lady grey tea is! The other person and I discovered it together so I am not even sure that counts. Now, I have toask, does it smell like fruity pebbles to you at all? When we tried it, that is the first thing I noticed. The second was that I liked it and would need to stock up ASAP.

  5. I looooooove tea in the fall/winter!! Usually more than coffee, even...I love all the fall flavors that come out, too. Pumpkin spice tea, anyone!?

  6. Those tea cups are such a great gift idea, I might be stealing that idea this Christmas :)

    New follower!


  7. Fabulous pins! Fall is always the peak of my tea obsession!

  8. All those mugs and teacups made me want to be cozy on a chair with a good book, warm drink, and a comfy blanket! :)

  9. I love this, I love tea. I think tea can cure anything and solve everything. - Sam

  10. Lovely! Cinnamon rolls are definitely the perfect companion for any tea party. :)

  11. Your first three pins are my favorite! I have an entire box of my grandma's old teacups sitting in my mom's basement just waiting for me to get a house of my own so I can do something with them!

  12. i'm a huge fan of a ginormous mug of tea. love your picks!

  13. Mmm!! I love a warm cup of tea with just a little bit of milk! Those vintage tea cups are just lovely! I would like that whole set to display in my kitchen:) That is a great gift idea too!!

  14. You are so right - nothing is better than a warm mug of tea on a cool fall day. My favorite tea is a chai tea latte - my mom makes the BEST ones! Mmm :) I love the tea cups you pinned!

  15. I want all these teacups! Gorgeous!


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