Wednesday, September 12

pinning for healthy inspiration

i like to consider myself a decently healthy person,
but i do have an incredibly large sweet tooth.
and with all the work i'm putting in to surviving insanity, i don't want to blow it all away because of my inability to say no to a chocolate chip cookie.

this week, in an effort to avoid temptation, i've been exploring the health and fitness category board, and i've found a few fantastic things i'd love to share!

i can't read this without getting the song stuck in my head.
sorry about that...
working out with a fun playlist is the best.

i feel like this is a direct message from shaun-t.
during his videos, he yells things at the camera like,
"DON'T STOP! but if you need to, then take a break, BUT KEEP PUSHING AND DON'T STOP!"
pretty sure he has to tell you to take a break to avoid law suits.

my warm weather favs at starbucks are hands down iced green tea and passion iced tea lemonade.  now that it's getting cooler (the highs are down in the low 90s now...), i'm going to have to start introducing warm drinks back into my life.
ladies, i'm sorry to say that the PSL did not make this list, but that doesn't mean you can't reward yourself every now and then right?

i'm trying really hard to pack my snacks and lunch 4 days a week, with a one day splurge at which-wich. i'm addicted people.
toasted hula anyone??
but for those days i can't stand to eat another pb&j...i'm thinking any of the suggestions below would fantastic,,,except for the tuna salad. sorry i'm not sorry.

growing up, my mom made the most yummy no-bake chocolate oatmeal cookies
(which, for reasons i cannot even begin to understand, bub-hub doesn't love!. lame.)
this recipie suggests switching out the butter and half the sugar for a banana...interesting..maybe i'll give it a try:

when i first saw this pin, i knew it was meant to be.
apples, fresh oats, chocolate chips, and chopped pecans.
i need to eat this right now.
you should check out the entire post that goes along with this pin. 20 quick and healthy snack that you will wanna eat right off the screen.

and i don't know about you,
but i always work out better when i'm rocking a new outfit...
especially when my new outfit involves something super cute and pink.
maybe i can find some hot pink kicks to match! :)
Source: via Kalyn on Pinterest

what do you do to find balance for a healthy and happy life?
do you like cheesy motivational pins like me??

Covered in Grace


  1. I'm not a dieter or fitness freak by any stretch of the imagination, but after a summer of chips and pizza and guac I need to shed 3-5 lbs. No fun. BUT thanks to these pins I'm a little more motivated! Already looking forward to the apple/granola snack later on today ~ Thanks!!
    :) m.

  2. oh my gosh those sandwiches look amazing. and hold up you don't like tuna salad?! SHAME! haha i love tuna.
    Great post with some great ideas! Yummmm

  3. I love all those easy recipes on whole wheat bread, they're good for you and yummy!

  4. Those apple snacks look tasty and fun. I usually just have apple with almond butter (delish) but this could be a fun snack or healthy dessert to bring to a friends. Thanks for sharing!

  5. Mmmm...those bread and better sandwiches look GOOD!

  6. AH My boyfriend doesn't like no bakes either which I CANNOT UNDERSTAND. I have been switching out half of butter with greek yogurt when making cookies and there is a difference but I still love them and like knowing they aren't as bad!

  7. LOVE all of the sandwich options. I eat sandwiches for lunch almost daily and am always looking for creative and healthy options. Totally re-posting this on my blog tomorrow if that's okay! Thanks for sharing:)

  8. Those healthy snacks look great!!

    I wonder if you could swap out avocado, too? I read a recipe the other day for chocolate chip cookies, where the avocado replaces the butter...apparently you can't taste it and it doesn't really even change the color of the cookies. I so want to try it!

  9. My Oh How Pinteresting post this week was the exact opposite of yours. Hahah. Hopefully my theme next week will be a little healthier. Those nobake cookies sound delish!

  10. those pink tights are so cute, love the color! now i really want a pair and i have no doubt you can find a pair of pink kicks to match

  11. I'm glad my two favorite Starbucks drinks are on that list :)

    Also, super cute capris! Want!

  12. That apple looks amazing!! thank you so much for linking up today! I'll definitely be coming back to check this post out again!

  13. Awesome post! I love healthy recipe ideas. For me to keep healthy and fit, i made a promise to myself to work out 6 days a week. I also have a really big sweet tooth so I just try to eat in as much as possible, not eat processed food, but if I crave something I eat it, I just watch my portions :)

  14. YES!!! I love it!! This blog is absolutely lovely!! Im following on BlogLovin!!! Ill be keeping up with you.

    Feel free to followback! Have a great week!

  15. Great pins love the starbucks and the sandwich pin!

  16. I love the first one! And the Starbucks one is great-and so necessary!

  17. i love the starbucks one, so helpful!

  18. I love fitness/healthy living pins, they are so motivational! My mom totally made those same cookies, and I love them, let me know if you try it with a banana I wonder how they'd turn out?

  19. omg... I have THE sweetest tooth too, and it kills me b/c if I cut the sweets out, I'd probably be rocking a 6-pack!! I work out all the time, but can never say NO to candy!

    I think investing in some new gear may do the trick though *wink wink*

    xoxo, Bev

  20. Oh my goodness friend!! You have my mouth watering and my butt all energised to take a run!! Thanks for sharing and thanks for stopping by nice to meet you!! Sally xoxo

  21. Thanks for the follow!!! Loving the link up and all the healthy yummy ideas :) excited to read more since I'm trying to get healthy and crafty all at the same time!

  22. Have you tried the Which Which salads? Love getting chicken/turkey salad with veggies and the tzatziki sauce as the dressing... YUM.

  23. I want colored workout pants too.

  24. So many great options! Definitely need to try some of these. Here via Jessica's blog. Thanks for sharing! :)


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