Tuesday, September 25

walking with a purpose

today, i would like to introduce you to my lovely friend courtney.
she has been one of my best friends for almost ten years.
she's an aggie,
a disney guru,
a high school science teacher,
and has the biggest heart of anyone i know.
i needed to put one decent, grown-up photo before you ladies see the photos ms. courtney decided to include with her post. we are sort-of mature now. :)
ms. courtney is raising money for a great cause, the susan g. koman 3 day! i asked her to share a little bit about why this is such an important cause for her, and hopefully it will encourage a few of you to get involved as well!
Howdy gracefully made followers!
 I was so excited to get the call from miss gracefully made herself asking if I would be a guest post. I have had the great blessing of knowing this lovely lady since freshman year of high school. If you need some evidential proof here ya go.

Weren’t we the bomb.dot.com.???
Anywhoo, the reason Sarah asked me to write to you was to let you know of a great opportunity to give support for a great and needed cause. In 2010, my Aunt Kim was diagnosed with a rare form of breast cancer. Through her entire fight and both rounds of treatment, there was never a question that victory was on her mind.
She was strong.
She was determined.
She was hopeful.
I will never forget the trip we took as a collected family to Disney World in December of 2010. The memories we shared will truly resonate in my heart forever.
On February 5th 2011, it was God’s time to call her home and leave her weak and sick body behind. Although it was and still is a heartbreaking season for me and my family, I chose daily to make her legacy a positive step towards a cure.
One of the ways I am doing this is by participating in the Susan G. Komen 3Day. Basically it’s walking 60 miles over the course of 3 days. Fun, right? As a fundraising effort my amazingly talented sister, Maggie designed an awesome t shirt in honor of my aunt.
Check out this girl’s talent:
So I know what you’re thinking, HOW DO I GET ME ONE OF THOSE?!
Easy- peezy.
1. Hop over to my blog at www.courtneyyygirl.blogspot.com
**There are instructions on how to buy a shirt there, a paypal option on the sidebar and a link to my 3Day page if you would like to donate directly without buying a shirt.**
2. I’m placing the order on October 15th so make sure to get your orders in by then! Feel free to email me courtneygirl313[at]gmail.com or comment on my blog or this post with any questions!

I want to thank Sarah Grace for the opportunity to share with you today and thank you for reading and as a reward for hanging in to the very end, here is another winning picture of our youth.
Isn’t it great how God puts people in our life who are so gracefully made for each of us?
isn't she the best?
i'm so blessed to have such a fantastic friend with such a huge heart in my life.
the LORD is so great and so worthy of our praise.  :)

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  1. Great cause, great friendship, and sounds like a fantastic and life-changing aunt! <3


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