Tuesday, September 11

mr. and mrs. chastain: part 9

no reception is complete without a bouquet and garter toss!  my girls were such great sports, and they were all ready for a fight.  i think the photos make it pretty obvious who won...
even though steph is already engaged,
she said it couldn't hurt to catch the bouquet...just in case. :)
and then the garter toss!
bub-hub's brother caught it.
keepin it in the family after all! :)
our exit was one of my favorite parts of the night.
growing up, sparklers were always my favorite part of the fourth of july,
so i was thrilled when our reception venue gave us the go ahead to light 'em up!
and so we began our life as mr. and mrs.!!

thanks for sticking around for the whole story! 
if you missed anything, or just want to revisit, check out the links below! :)

all photos were taken by Jana at bella bee photography.
the wedding was coordinated by Rhonda at precisely as planned


  1. I love your exit- so beautiful! And I love the little flags hanging above :)

  2. i love sparkler exists! :) They make for the best pictures!!! :) :)

  3. Sparklers are the best!!! You had a beautiful wedding!

  4. This was a really beautiful wedding!Love it!


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