Thursday, September 13

24 day challenge: Cleanse Phase Snack and Meal Tips

it's ok to not be able to stop thinking about fro-yo and cheerios right??

ever since i started the advocare 24 day challenge, i have not been able to stop the cravings for fro-yo an's a problem people.
thank goodness it's only for 10 days.

the diet for the 24 day challenge is pretty straight forward,
but with all of the yummy pinterest recipes floating around out there, 
it's really easy to be bummed out and think you're going to be stuck eating celery and peanut butter for the 10 day cleanse phase of the challenge.
i would not survive.
but it's only 10 days, and after that, you're home free!
you can do it! :)

for the 10 day cleanse portion of the challenge, here were are few of my go-to's:

my go to snacks:
apple slices with peanut butter
rice cakes with peanut butter
as much fruit as i can fit in my grocery cart: grapes, nectarines and more nectarines, oranges (regular size and minis!), bananas
raw veggies and hummus

my go to at-home meals:
grilled chicken and broccoli
baked chicken and green beans (original right??)
taco salad (with ground turkey)
salad, but be careful with the choice dressing! avoid creamy or sugary dressings.
fajitas sans tortillas :(
omelets and scrambled eggs 

on-the-go meals:
chipotle - you can load up with chicken, veggies, brown rice, black beans, salsa and even guac! just no cheese or sour cream.

boston market - chicken and veggies to go! i order the half chicken meal and it's the perfect amount for bub-hub and i to split! just be sure you pull the skin off the chicken first, and try and avoid the dark meat, and good luck resisting the corn bread, which is basically impossible.

pappasitos (or your favorite mexican food haven) - fajitas are my go-to here.
it's so hard to say no to the chips and salsa and green sauce, but you can do it! you can also swap out your rice and beans for grilled veggies! avoiding temptation at every turn!

after you wrap up the cleanse, 
you can incorporate carbs, dairy and sugars back into your diet, but don't go crazy!
try to stick to complex carbs and whole wheat & high fiber breads. 
be smart with your sugars and avoid yogurts and dairy products that are high sugar and low protein. try greek yogurt, like chobani!, and load it up with extra fruit or honey for additional sweetness.
and of course, avoid fried foods.

want to learn what the 24 day challenge is all about?
[here you go!]
want to take the challenge with me?
you can purchase your 24 day challenge bundle here:

come on know you want to! :)



  1. oooo great tips! :)
    I'll definitely have to look into that. I DO know that when i went cold turkey off of bread/sugars i got super sick because my body wasn't used to it, so it's a slower process for me to cut down...:)

  2. Apples and peanut butter have always been a go-to snack for me. When I was pregnant, I had one every day for the first 6 months. I was sure my daughter was going to come out in the shape of an apple!

    I've been obsessed with the multi-grain cheerios lately. SO GOOD. They're supposed to be for my daughter, buuuuuut I may have eaten moer than she did. Oops...


  3. I recently did the advocare cleanse and loved it! I dropped 8 pounds in the 10 days and loved changing my diet. Ever since the cleanse, I have changed my diet to be so much healthier and my body appreciates it! GOOD LUCK!!! CHipotle will save your life by day 7 because you'll be out of creative ideas!! Love your blog!

  4. I have done the 24 day challenge I am about ready to do another one. Keep on keepin on!

  5. Thanks for sharing!! Gonna snag some of your go-to home meals! :) xo

  6. I dont think I could do it... I am a carb addict!

  7. I love advocare ... The results are worth the sacrifice

  8. I love Advocare and love how much healthier we eat now! Your go-to meals and snacks are pretty much the same as ours!! A tip at some restaurants with fajitas is to make sure they don't cook them in oil :)


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