Wednesday, September 19

pinning for apples

 i've been seeing so many yummy posts about pumpkins and pumpkin spice lattes, and while i'm just as obsessed and in love as the rest of you, let's not forget about the other yummy things nature has to offer us during this fantastic season.
this week, i'm dedicating my pins to the forgotten fruit of fall:
the apple.

apple slices, crescent rolls, melted butter,  cinnamon & sugar.
cue mouth watering 

apple pie bundles from one of my favorite baking blogs, bake or break:

and how yummy does this apple crisp pizza look??
i wanna eat this so bad right now i can barely stand it.

candied pecans, crisp apples, and yummy gorgonzola. yes please!

and a yummy apple spice cake with my favorite,,,,cream cheese frosting :)

and of course, apple cider doughnuts.
i'll take seven please.

please don't judge me by my sweet tooth alone.
every now and then i do enjoy apples on their own, just the way nature intended.

you can find me on pinterest here:

happy wednesday!!



  1. Oh my gosh, so yum! I love apples too, and I just found a Pick your own orchard over in our area I want to take my kids to. I cannot wait!

  2. I've tried that first recipe before and they are so good! You have me craving some apples now!

  3. oh my gosh yum. i LOVE warm apple pie, i think it is my favorite...*drool*

  4. Those apple things look absolutely divine, cue mouth watering.
    I have all the ingredients, and am blaming you for *making* me make them ;]
    Thanks for sharing your pins, lady.
    Desirae @ Going with the Flow

  5. So yummy!!! But you forgot Apple Cider hehe!! :)


  6. Those all look delicious, especially that apple pizza. New follower!

    Love for you to stop by my blog at

  7. Oh my goodness, my mouth is watering just looking at those photos! Delicious!

  8. Drool, I love apples! I need to start baking with them more.

  9. i cant wait for my husband and i to go apple picking so i can made all of these fabulous apple desserts ok and then a salad!

  10. I have to say, apple picking and apple recipes are my favorite part of Fall. Growing up, my family always went apple picking together, and my grandma would make the best baked apples and apple pies!

  11. Your apple related pins are making my mouth water! I may have to try that apple crisp pizza this weekend!

    Thanks for your sweet comment on my post today!


  12. These look sooo good!! I'm making applesauce today and I loaded them up with brown sugar and cinnamon!


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