Saturday, September 22

super september goodies

my september birchbox finally arrived!
last month, i debated canceling my subscription, just because i wasn't sure it it was really worth it, but luckily, i didn't, because i love this month's box! :)

[1] $25 off of a $75 purchase from Madewell. 
i love this store! :) they have such great stuff, so i will definitely be putting this to good use!
[2] color club nail polish - instathis. 
i this this will be a great shade for fall.  maybe a little less than professional, but i think i could get away with it!
[3] benefit, the pore-fessional. 
pore shrinking moisturizing cream.  not sure how much of a difference this sample size will make, but i've love benefit cosmetics, so i'm excited to give it a try!
[4] tili plastic cosmetic bag. 
this is a great size for traveling.  and perfect timing! i'm using it today to get through security! definitely a little more stylin than a plain ziploc! :)
[5] nexxus split end treatment shampoo & conditioner.  
i'm really excited to try this out.  i have long hair, so split ends are definitely a battle i fight regularly.  maybe this will help keep my hair healthier longer and cut down on the number of haircuts i have to get,,,more fall fashion money! :)
[6] kate spade twirl. 
i LOVE this!! granted, i love anything and everything with Kate's name on it, but this really is lovely.  it's going on my christmas list for sure! plus, the sample box was bright pink with glimmery-gold polka dots. perfection.
[7] a bright pink twistband.
so many people have recommended these to me, and i've been wanting to try them for myself. apparently, they don't leave creases in your hair! yay!

that was my september box. 
pretty great huh?
pardon my bragging...
i put everything in my travel bag for my trip (except the nail polish, because it would put my mama in a panic...), and i'm pretty sure i will use it all! 

did you receive a september birchbox?
what did you get??
check out the service for yourself here:


  1. Yay for boxes that redeem themselves! This month looks like it was great :) Have a wonderful trip and enjoy the weekend!! xoxo

  2. Have fun! Glad you got such an awesome loot this time around. :)

  3. You did get some great stuff!! I'm so glad you enjoyed your box. :)

  4. Glad to read good things about your Birchbox. I was looking at them last night and still debating on signing up. But I've heard too many mixed reviews.
    Looks like some great stuff!!

  5. You did get a great box! I love the tili bag I got when I bring snacks around for my kids, it always makes me happy when I take it out :)

  6. What a great box!! I want to try that Kate Spade perfume soooo bad! I haven't gotten my September box's hoping (and praying) it's in there!

  7. I was in the same boat! Considered canceling my subscription until this box. My favorite so far!

  8. I love those tili bags! I actually bought some of them because they are just so pretty!
    I haven't tried out my nail polish yet but it is on my to do list tonight.

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    Hope to see you there, and thanks so much!


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