Friday, June 1

high five friday! :)

well hello there friday,
how you doin?

i have completed my first week as a working wife! :)
i knew going back to work was going to be rough,
and boy,
it has been rough indeed.
[i miss the beach. and vacation. and hanging out with my friends.]
luckily, i have a super stud of a hubby waiting for me when i get home!

our first homemade meal in our newlywed apartment! :)
turkey tacos with black beans, peppers, and hubby-made guacamole.
can i just say, the heb-tortilla-makers are my fav.
so yummy.

in an effort to try and be a perfect wife and make my husband dinner all by myself, i sliced my finger open.
that's what i get for being prideful and refusing to be gracious and accept help when offered.

bryce was sweet and took care of me anyway.
what a sweet hubby i have. :)

this is what our apartment look like when we got back to our apartment monday night.
we've made some progress and are slowly but surely getting moved in,
but it is quite the task.
bryce has been an unpacking-breaking-down-boxes-machine.

having lots of stuff is great and we feel so blessed,
but my apartment is tiny,
and this is going to be an adventure fo sho.

this weekend is the first friday arts market in the heights.
i've been wanting to go for quite a while,
and i think we might finally get to go!

what's better than a lunch date with a super cute fella?
a lunch date at chick fil a and a chocolate chunk cookie.

happy friday yall!
i hope it is more than fabulous. :)



  1. So excited for you and your new husband! I can't wait to see apartment pictures when you finish with the move :)

  2. Michelle BanalesJune 4, 2012 at 12:44 PM

    Pretty sure this is a standard (but cruel) initiation of some sort for the first home cooked meal cooked as a wife. I had one of my pyrex dishes literally explode all over our kitchen (aka flying shards of glass) for our first home cooked meal and it got my toe bleeding for quite some time. Too graphic? Well anyway, it was no fun but many of us relate I am sure :)


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