Friday, June 8

high five friday! :)

i had a realization about half way through Wednesday:
the best parts of my day typically involve food.
i love me some yummy food.
if you follow me on instagram, you probably think all i do is eat all day, which maybe i do...don't judge.
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bryce has challenged me to take life a little slower.
i tend to rush around like a crazy person and usually in the process,
i tend to stub toes, run into cabinets and cut fingers.
i found it fitting that my wednesday afternoon treat left me with this calming message.

i am loving my martha stewart, breakfast to go cups.
perfect for yogurt and blueberries! :)

bryce and i are headed back to the big-C this weekend!
we've got birthdays and father's day to celebrate!
we love spending time with out families,
so i'm pretty sure this weekend is going to be the best! :)

have you seen this blog?
it always makes my morning.
a few of my favs from this week are:

this one makes me think of bryce and his super fabulous budgeting skills. : )
do you ever watch andersoon cooper 360?
i love his RiducuList.
cracks me up everytime. :)

what are you high fiving about this week??


1 comment:

  1. I had the same message from Dove chocolate! Love it :)


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